Ways to Improve Your Brain Health

A compilation of scientifically proven methods to train memory, speed of thinking and to increase the plasticity of the brain.

The Cartesian “I think, therefore I exist” many centuries it was hotly debated quote. The scientists then agreed, then disagreed about the loyalty of these words. To think that such a pattern exists not only in direct but also in selling value, made a recent study. The development of the brain directly affect our classes, lifestyle, exercise. But in the hectic weekdays what about to carve out time for mind boost for yourself? Here are some effective science-based methods.

How to improve your brain

The national Institute of mental health for over thirty years explored how various activities stimulate cognitive function. It was found that people who carry out diverse tasks, create new solutions and approaches have a large number of social ties, coping very well with the cognitive tests. The results of the specialists whose activity is connected with the monotonous routine, is much lower.

Anyone can set itself a fundamentally new task. It doesn’t have to be complicated, the main thing unusual for him.

For example, you can do the Assembly of large jigsaw puzzles, embroidery or solution of physics problems of the school course.

So, in Hamburg was carried out an interesting experiment. A group of young people started to practice juggling, and a few days have all been found to increase the proportion of gray matter. But after a while after they threw a new hobby, everyone returned to their seats. Therefore, an important continuity: each time discover something new and to constantly stimulate the brain.

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Until recently it was believed that brain cells do not regenerate. It is also thought that each area of the brain responsible for specific area tasks. Now the statement about the cells burst, and the lines of responsibility are blurred. The reason for this was the writings of French neurosurgeon Fields Brock. His research showed that the brain is very plastic and is able to create new neural pathways.

On the background of this statement was supplied by numerous experiments. For example, in California the monkeys were required to perform actions with one finger. Then the shots before and after class there was an increase in neural connections.

It was also found that if you have dyslexia (specific reading disorder) you can boost your brain and skills after a long training in sound recognition. Responsible for this ability on the part of the brain became more and more active.

What is brain health?

It is also important that the human brain is able to transfer skills from the “outside” area in the “working”. Such result is achieved by a people who after a stroke lost the health part of this body, but continuously trained him. This is the birth of neural connections neurogenesis.

About alertness of the people, who all his life engaged in scientific activity, needless to say. Therefore, the conclusion suggests itself: neurons, like muscles, need constant exercise.

There is a reason to kill two birds with one stone: to learn not only to increase neural connections, but also direct benefits for life. You can take a course “Development of a phenomenal memory.” Exercises for development of memory and useful as exercise, and gain the necessary skill. You can start easy to remember mobile numbers, large amounts of information and fast learning of foreign words.

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Neuroscientists have proved that while playing a musical instrument the human brain “lights” portions of it are activated and are in continuous operation for a long time.

Interestingly, scientists from Kansas revealed: IQ professional musicians is not reduced even in old age.

Ways to strengthen your brain

It is no coincidence that parents often send their children to study at a music school. Students who know how to play the violin, show the best results in training than other their peers.

If the soul is and have time to spare, why not give his music? To take up classical guitar or start playing the ukulele in the network there are many tutorials for kids and adults to help you easily and quickly master musical instruments.

A physiologist from Harvard, Richard Joll found that even with a proper diet rare the consumption of fast carbs accelerates the memorization of complex information and stimulate the mind. However, there is a way to think better without harm for health. It is about the right of hunger strike.

The researcher Sandrine found that when reducing daily calorie intake by 30% there is an increase of neural connections.

Also, it contributes to increase intervals between meals. This experiment does not require additional time and money, but to approach change in your diet should be very carefully.

There is a curious method, tested by students of the Department of theoretical physics, which for two months were notes in a special way.

The method is useful not only because it causes the intellectual potential to be in continuous work: reading, memorizing, reproduction, structure. The fact that the nerve endings on the fingers affect mnemonic abilities. Working with a pencil or pen, people will inevitably train them.

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As said Albert Camus, a philosopher moves forward, only if he does not hurry with conclusions, even if they seem obvious to him. Don’t be afraid to try all the techniques, even if you think that they don’t work for you.