What are the words???????

What are the words???????
What are the words that youre never supposed to use in an essay I only remember two of them. Me and you but what are the other ones?

I don’t understand why one is not supposed to use personal pronouns in an essay. To answer your question directly, if “me” is debarred, then “I” probably is too.

In the sense that essays are supposed to be about a topic and not personal, then one might not use “I,” “me,” and “you.” On the other hand, is it so grievous a fault to inject oneself into a discussion? If on occasion one admits the personal bias–and no writer can be wholly objective–is that such a bad thing? Even judges when they are applying the law do so sometimes.

You didn’t ask for this kind of an answer, I realize, but I suspect that this is the thinking behind obviating the personal. There are no universal rules about banned words, however.