what is a process essay?

what is a process essay?

( It can also be called Narrative Procedure)

I. When you give directions to your home, tell how to make ice cream, or explain how a president is elected, you are using PROCESS ANALYSIS.

II. PROCESS ANALYSIS usually arranges a series of events in order and relates them to one another, as narration does, but it has different emphases. Whereas narration tells mainly what happens, PROCESS ANALYSIS tries to explain in detail how it happens.

III. There are two types of PROCESS ANALYSIS: directional and informational.

IV. The directional type provides instruction on how to do something. For example: how to make instant coffee or how to build a home computer.

V. The informational type tells how something works, how something is made or how something occurred. It explains and informs. You would need informational process analysis if you wanted to explain how the human heart functions, how an atomic bomb works, how hailstones are formed, how you selected the high school you will be attending, or how a polio vaccine was developed.

VI. Clarity is crucial for successful process analysis. The most effective way to explain a process is to divide it into steps and to present those steps in a clear (usually chronological) sequence.

VII. Transistional words and phrases such as first, next, and in conclusion help to connect the steps to one another.

VIII. Keep in mind that you may sometimes have to explain why a certain step is necessary, especially if not obvious.