When and where should children do homework

Children need a comfortable, quiet, well-lit place to do homework. Your room is the ideal place for children to do their homework on a well-lit table with a height adjustable seat to keep your back straight. You can study at the kitchen table or in the living room, as long as there are no distractions, to deviate the attention of children from their studies.

A distraction when doing homework is to be next to a television on or in a place where there are people talking or other children playing. In general, all perform better when we work in a place reserved for the study and the children too. For this reason, avoid your child is doing homework at the same time as other activities such as watching TV, playing video games or have your computer running.

Where and when do homework

Household chores should be an activity and a daily routine. Accustomed to your child to explore, but do not bring my homework. In this case, your child can spend the time reserved for reading or research duties, for example. It is important that you book a time for study or reading, every day, even if only 15 minutes, adapting to pattern your home activities. It is a necessary and healthy habit. If you have more children, it’s best to schedule study time periods simultaneously. This will prevent them from being distracted each other.

Duties are a responsibility of children

Your child should know what are the tasks that are pending, when due and how long should plan to complete. These guidelines will be marked by the teacher in class and it is best to perform the obligation and deadlines. However, there are some children who often forget to target the duties of the day on the calendar or not remember to bring notebook or book. In these cases, it is essential to establish clear educational consequences for the child. Makes it clear to your child what will happen if this occurs frequently and ask for a tutorial with your teacher. There needs to be a communion in the planning of the duties of children.

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The best time to do homework

Homework should always be at the same time every day and the best time is an hour after arriving home from school. During this time, children can snack, relax and play. End of that time, they should start with their homework.

Footing and convincing parents is also very important to carry out this difficult task. First, sit down with your child for a moment in a quiet and explain what you expect from him and how you can help each other. Makes it clear that the first thing is the commitment and then fun. At first, it is difficult, but with persistence and a lot of support, children will readily conform to their duties and, little by little, learn to manage your time better.