How to Write a Strong Essay Introduction

If you asking yourself “How to write an introduction paragraph for an essay?”, this post for you. This is a clear paraphrase of the topic plus a brief answer to ALL of the job. In this entry there is no any extra information. If a job is asking an opinion, it is briefly mentioned. If a job is asking for causes and solutions, and those and others mentioned in the introduction.

The entry topic is too General or too specific. For example, if the subject is asked about British pensioners, it is impossible to write about the Europeans or the Russians. If the question is about teenagers, it is impossible to write only about the students.

What do you mean a logical introduction?

This entry, which specifies Your “position” (not to be confused with opinions), which will be seen further throughout the essay. The introduction should be logically associated with all other paragraphs. For example, if you essay about the causes and solutions, as You mention in the introduction only the causes, the essay loses its logic.

What do you mean a concise introduction?

This is a short (2-3 sentences) and clear the entry. I recommend to do the entry compressed, so that You have more space for arguments and examples in the “body”. When the entry is too long, often students have not enough space and time to fully develop their ideas because of what they look like too General and not well understood.

How to write a good introduction for an essay

Step 1

Rephrase the first sentence (or two sentences) of the topic to the task as close as possible to the subject.

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Step 2

Briefly answer the questions of the task. That’s all you need to do. Now let’s analyze a few examples of entry.

In the month of January must pass essay, on photography. Don’t forget about it!

Sample essay introduction:

  • Quote from the original text (or other source) related to the issue under consideration.
  • A rhetorical question (a question requiring no answer).

Another intro example for essays:

Why do we need war? Why mankind can not learn the lessons of the past? Problematic issue.

Can the computer replace the book?

Do you need memories? Do you have to remember about the past? Why I love to consider pictures? Typical situation (similar to that shown in the text).

It often happens that. An overview of the issues discussed.

Without the past there wasn’t a real. If we want to remember some moments of life, then turn to the photos. That were best essay introductions, which you can use in your writing.

Psychologists say that addiction to television is the real disease of many members of modern society. Indeed, each of us it is hard to imagine life without TV. What role TV plays in human life? What brings the TV in our house – good or bad?

The impressions of childhood, probably one of the most expensive and important memories in human life. The place is associated with the formation of the personality will forever remain in memory, and we don’t one day think back to this world, colored with bright colors. What role plays in human life the memory of home, of home? On this issue reflects the author of this text.

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The good intros for essays should not be very voluminous (2-3 sentences), it must be related to the content of the main part of the sense and style. It is important to remember that the main purpose of joining is to bring the wording of the problem.