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Most Essential Hints on How to Become an Organized Student

Although a relatively simple concept, many of us struggle to develop strong organizational skills. Imperative to the success of your studies, organizational skills help to limit stress and ensure work is completed to a high standard. The most organized student is not necessarily the one who spends the most time on their work; effective organization […]

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How to Avoid Common Language in Academic Writing

Academic writing demands a formal tone characterized by careful language choices to convey ideas to readers as precisely and unambiguously as possible. Colloquial language, defined as language that is “normally restricted to informal (especially spoken) English” (Burchfield, 2004), does not satisfy this need for exactness of expression. Instead, as Pam Peters (2007) says of colloquialisms, […]

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Essay: School dress code

Why do we need school uniforms? Research papers will clarify that. The debate about positive and negative aspects of uniformity in the clothes of schoolchildren in our country is just beginning, whereas in Europe and America they have been going on for decades. On this subject, written thousands of articles and conducted hundreds of scientific […]

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How Not To Confuse “Affect” And “Effect” Words

This next instalment in our “Commonly Confused Words” series aims to demystify “affect” and “effect”. Often used interchangeably, “affect” and “effect” are widely misunderstood and misused. As always, we will provide definitions and helpful examples to clarify these terms. For our definitions, we use the Macquarie Dictionary — the authority on Australian English spelling. “Affect” […]

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Helpful Online Study Tools for Exam Preps

With exam time approaching you may be thinking that it would be better to spend as little time as possible on the Internet. When you step away from social media sites, there is in fact a wealth of resources that can actually save you a lot of time and help organize your studies more effectively. […]

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