5 Great Degrees for Online Learning

Some degree programs work better online than others. This has to do with the nature of the work that goes into the degrees. For instance, chemistry classes don’t work well online because professors cannot check the work virtually. Thus you may be stuck on campus if you are getting a degree like that. If you are set on going to school online though, there are some degrees that work really well for distance learning. And of course, we made a list of those for you here so you can know what to look for. We wouldn’t leave you hanging 😉

Here are five great degrees for online learning.

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice degrees can lead to a number of jobs, and they are really easy to go through online you may have trouble learning about forensic science on the internet, but you can definitely learn enough to be a paralegal, police officer, court reporter, or something else along those lines. This is one of the fastest growing training fields online, and it is something you can easily get involved with. All you have to do is find the right school for you.

English or Journalism

Most degrees related to writing are also great online. All you have to do for these is read, write, and discuss information with other students, so why can’t you do that on the internet? There is a reason why English Composition is the most popular online class of any school, campus based or otherwise. It is because people enjoy the ease of getting through English online. If you are planning on becoming a journalism, English teacher, or writer in the future, you might be able to get all the training you need online.

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Nursing may not seem like an obvious degree for the internet, but it has become that over the years. Nursing involves dealing with patients in person, but the principles behind the career are all theoretical. In other words, you can learn about it without having to have someone there to guide you through the process. You could take your RN to BSN online, or you could just get a basic degree to start yourself off. As long as you plan on becoming a nurse, you can go to school online.


Mathematics does not require any hands-on training at all, which is why it is so fitting for the internet. You could go to school to become a mathematician and learn just as much or more online compared to the classroom. In fact, some math majors actually prefer the internet because it allows them to explore the ideas in their training even further. If you are planning to get a degree in math, you might as well go to school online.


Marketing degrees are all about learning how to plan a campaign. They don’t require in-person training because the work for the job isn’t very personal. A lot of marketers actually work online, which means that you could condition yourself for the real world by going to school on the web. That’s right – the internet may actually be better for you if you are getting a degree in marketing. That’s just something to think about.

Even though just about any degree can work online, there are some that just seem to work better there than others. Think about what you want to do in life and figure out if that is going to require someone else to train you in person. If not, welcome to the World Wide Web.