5 Ways to Market

Whoever thought that a little piece of paper could have so much impact on growing your business?

Business cards are rarely used to their full advantage.

Here are 5 simple ideas you can begin to use immediately:

  1. Include an Offer on Your Business Cards

Rather than emulating ninety-percent of the business population, by merely putting your name, address, phone number and a few services on your business card, also include an enticing offer.

Perhaps you have a free report available. Or maybe you have a free sample of your product. You might even have a complimentary kit or package, filled with helpful tips and ideas. Include this offer on your card, and your prospects will have a compelling reason to contact you.

  1. Include Many Ways for People to Contact You

Of course, you should always include your name and phone number on your business card. But you might also include, your snail mail address, your e-mail address, your Web site and your fax number.

Give your prospects many ways to contact you, so they can choose the method that is most comfortable and convenient for them.

  1. Don’t Forget About the Back

If you have something important to say, or something enticing to offer, make use of ALL the space on your business cards–front and back!

  1. Use Your Business Cards in Your Referral System

Give business cards to your customers. Write that customer’s initials on the back of the card and ask him or her to pass your card on to their friends, family and associates.

Tell your customers that when they hand your cards out, the recipients can trade that card in for a free sample, or trial or report, etc. Put a description of that special offer on the back of your card, as we described above. When you get the card back, you’ll know who referred you, and more importantly, who you should thank.

  1. Hand Your Business Cards Out To Everyone
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If you’re at a business function, and someone asks what you do for a living, immediately hand them a business card. When you’re at a networking event, trade cards with other business people – even if they’re not direct prospects, they may know someone who is! Include business cards in your sales literature.

Just make sure you apply the above suggestions to your card so you will be handing out a compelling marketing tool, and not just a plain business card, like everyone else.

Have business cards with you at all times, no matter where you are. You just never know when your card is going to get into the hands of someone who is really interested in your products or services.