7 powerful tips to make your finances

Thanks in advance for further learning and especially for being convinced to change habits in your daily life.

Today I want to learn 7 powerful tips to make your finances.

We need to begin to change (if you have not) your financial habits and start to feed your financial IQ, if you know how to feed and grow, I invite you to read this article: Financial IQ

Well, let’s review the tips that I want to share.

  1. Take care of your business, your work or self-employment

The best purchase a business can have is you, you are the only person able to do to get fired, you close your business or go out of business in your self. Are your decisions and your actions dictate work which the future of what we’re doing right now, either as an employee or as a business owner.

When the crisis of a few years ago began to be felt in this country, the only people who trembled at the prospect of losing their jobs or their company closed were those who were unsure of their personal abilities and the power of his intellect to create new sources of income, so did those who were not doing properly the functions your company required. Hence the importance of “cultivating” your financial intelligence.

  1. Make your budget

The real power of a budget is something we had already reviewed in this space, click here for you to check carefully.

  1. Evita consumerism

In our culture of “I deserve to buy it” or “has reached the age of the material” is very common that end up buying things you do not really need. To show just a button: The department stores are saturated with “irresistible offers” of unnecessary things (disks Rigo Tovar to $9.90, portfolio gum flavor tutifruti to $12, well, you know what I mean, especially if you have a wife with nine pairs of shoes and says he does not buy much new ones).

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Not to mention the dates “special” (and Christmas gifts, day of love and friendship and love details, Mother’s Day and appliance stores to burst, Father’s Day, etc.). Interestingly associate the show affection generous gift objects or details.

  1. Use your credit cards wisely

These plastics will help only for three things:

  • finance your purchases free some up to 45 days,
  • making shopping deals and 3 months interest,
  • anchoring and using a smart financing to create a business or take walk (if your credit limit is large.

From then on, apparently has no other appropriate use.

Minimum payments is better not to talk, just keep you literally “making a hole to fill another.” Your interests will increase so much, you end up paying (if that life reaches) to 10 times the value of the product or service you used your card.

  1. Save, but to invest

Allocates a proportion of your salary or cash flow (at least 5%) savings, why? for, if you want to spend on that, now if you deserve it or (personally I prefer more) to invest in a business, what? that you want, there are options for lots from minimum investments (multilevel, franchises, micro, etc) to larger (more name franchises, associations, etc.).

  1. Invest in your intellect

We talked about the financial IQ and how important it is to feed, the word “updated” you should sound familiar in your job or in your business, because in a world where globalization is our daily bread, that person that does not update this destined to become obsolete and “disappear” from the face of the earth.

  1. Find mentors
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There are people who follow these tips apply and live, they, in small or large, have achieved things that ordinary people do not. “Stick” to them, read his books, articles, still life, what did, how they did it?.