How to Ace Your Finals Without Studying

If you study all the tickets the night before the exam not your option, this article is for you. We have collected suggestions that will help you better memorize the material and how to pass a test without studying, not making supernatural effort. It will help you whether you in a high school, college or university.

Determine your learning style

We are all different, so the strategy of exam preparation will vary. Proceed from their individual characteristics. If you’re auditory, read textbooks and notes out loud if write their summaries of the crib and make a plan of response.

Another effective method map of thoughts. This is a great way to structure the information to refresh knowledge and quickly grasp the essence of the subject even after a long time. Read more about how to make mind maps and how to work with them, we are told here.

What kind of questions to teach first? If during the semester you well understood the subject, proceed with the questions, which have at least some idea.

If each new unit cannot be understood without the previous, the one option: learn everything strictly in order.

It also makes sense to start with the hard questions, allocating enough time to study them. You even might ask yourself: “Are finals hard?”. It is better to deal with them until you are tired and lost concentration. Light leave questions for later.

And be consistent. Stick to the chosen strategy, even if you start to panic with the approaching exam.

How much should I study for finals

Delve into the ticket and not try to memorize it. Learning is a losing strategy, and there is also not enough time to study for finals. Find logical relationships in the questions, invent Association.

Of course, in every subject there is information you need to know by heart: dates, formulas, definitions. But even to remember them easier if you understand the logic.

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How to study for math finals

Tell me the exam material in your own words, conjecture that the answer was expanded.

A good method when the exam need to prepare in a short period of time. It only takes three days, but a lot of work. Every day we need to work through all the material, but on a different level, constantly going. It also applicable for biology finals.

The first day you read your entire syllabus or training manual to refresh knowledge on the subject, roughly speaking to get involved. Conventionally you can take the exam a three.

The second day dealt with the same issues, but according to the tutorial to learn more details and subtleties. If you prepare diligently, you can count on a four.

On the last day you have to bring your answers to the ideal: again, fill in the blanks, remember. After the third day you are ready to take the exam perfectly.

Two day learning, one on repeat

The system is very simple: all the material should be split into two equal parts and to learn it in two days. The third day entirely been on repeat.

Put a time limit

To delve into each topic can be infinitely long, so don’t try to remember all the details. Of the great chapters in the textbook highlight the main idea: the structured material of a small amount easier to perceive.

In College years we shared all the tickets between classmates and each prepared a brief synopsis of its parts. If your mutual aid group is not developed, you can request materials and cheat sheets from students.

Do not get stuck

If you feel that you are sitting too long on one question, skip it. The best motivator in the preparation timer. Decide how much time you can devote to one ticket, for example 30 minutes, and upon expiration, continue to the next. Select a few hours before the exam to deal with missing issues.

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Make a plan for the response to the ticket

Even the most broad question you can describe in a few words. Each thesis should evoke.

Such a plan can be quickly viewed before the exam to tune in a working mood. Known method of three sentences: write out each question, problem, main idea and conclusion.

The study depends on the subject

Individual characteristics is not only you, but also in subject matter. For example, exact Sciences mathematics, physics require practice. For the Humanities is important to the ability to process large amounts of information, memorize dates, names, definitions.

But again, to the study of any subject should be approached actively to understand the question and seek to understand.

Important and exam format. If you are preparing for the oral examination, pronounces your future answers aloud. My favorite tactic is to repeat the material to someone from home or when they are not enthusiastic, herself in the mirror. Even better, if someone will not just listen but also ask questions when something is unclear.

If you are preparing for testing, is to complete ten model tests, to write your mistakes, and to repeat problematic themes and complete all over again.

If the exam is written, you need to think in advance the structure of the answer.

Prepare two or three

Write down the most difficult, in your opinion, themes collective intelligence to help deal with them faster. It is better to cooperate with classmates, who are determined to study, or the preparation for the exam can go into the usual pleasant encounter with friendly conversations.

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No, this does not mean that the joke and the rest forbidden. Just don’t forget the main purpose of the meeting.

How to pass a test you know nothing about

Take breaks. This will help you relax and put new information on the shelves. Turn off the phone, don’t check social media, do not approach the TV. If you can’t handle the temptation, read about how to deal with distraction. Get enough sleep.

Don’t forget about the food: it will give extra strength to your body. However, do not overeat. Usually after an overly hearty lunch starts to get sleepy, and learn does not want.

Avoid stressful situations and negativity from other people. The atmosphere in the classroom should be as favorable.

Don’t rely too much on the crib and the option to cancel. But if you don’t know how to write off (see, it is also necessary to be able to), you shouldn’t even start.

Organize a place to study: bright, comfortable, with all necessary materials at hand. Bed not the best option: it is likely to fall asleep on a boring topic. Make bulleted lists: they are easier to remember.

Distracted and stiff to stretch during prolonged sitting, the muscles will help of exercise. In addition, while running, Cycling or similar physical activity you can take time to reflect on complex issues.

If you feel that you are not configured to study, start with the topic that seems most interesting. This will help to get on track. Someone says that when you pass a test you didn’t study for. Go in the evening for a walk. During the preparation of the nerves are usually on edge, so you need to relax a little. Make a clear plan of preparation.