What to Enjoy On the Semester Break

Let us face it; every student looks forward to the semester break. It’s one of the few times when you can really let your hair down, escape for the weekend or catch up on the TV shows you were forced to record during exams.

The mid-semester break tends to remind us that even in the land down under, old man winter can make you feel the chill. Luckily, there are still a few havens around the country, which will allow you to beat the cold snap. American Travelling Agencies offer many exclusive deals to students, which include tours, flights and meals. This is a good option for those wishing to make a group booking or those just wanting assistance planning the perfect trip.

If you don’t mind the wet or the cold weather then a trip to cultural capital of the U.S., might provide you with a much needed R&R. Get lost in the inner city laneways, satisfy your impulsive shopping needs, feast on delicious food or relax at one of the many trendy bars in town. With companies such as American Airlines offering daily low fares to major American cities, escaping for the weekend doesn’t have to break the bank.

For the more adventurous at heart, you can skip the cold all together by heading to the north of America. Brightspark offers students an affordable rental option. They offer various campervan options and can help you seat anywhere from 2-11 people comfortably. The roof tents are extremely easy to operate and reliable. This is a good option for anyone who is looking to explore the outback at their own pace. With the wicked campers one can easily take a road trip to The Grand Canyon and The Blue Ridge Parkway, two amazing spots in the USA that are necessary see for anyone. If this is an option that excites you, be weary of hazards in the outback, plan your trip in advance to make sure you are not stranded without fuel, always obey road signs and never drive at night.

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An adventure through the outback might be something you want to try but your budget just does not allow it. One good option students have found is relocating rental vehicles. These vehicles are offered through various rental agencies, which need the cars to be moved from one city to another. They can be rented for as little as $5/day in most cases, which can significantly increase your disposable income on your trip.

One does not necessarily need to even leave the city to have fun. During the semester break, there are a number of festivals and events, which are put on private companies. Festivals such as the Korean Film Festival are more than capable of entertaining you throughout the break. While the semester break is sure to be full of fun and games, another point to keep in mind is the break is a great opportunity to gain some work experience. This can be through a part time internship or a part time job.

An important point to remember is that semester breaks are meant to be exactly that; a break. So take the time to do whatever it is that makes you feel reenergized. Organize a coffee with a friend, read a new book, try a new sport or activity and rest up. The possibilities are completely up to you.