Advice for Students: Taking Notes that Work

How to take good notes in college

Many students want to go to College for the reason that there will be less paperwork and more fun. Not so, my little friends. If you think that abstract management at the University is optional, then you’re seriously mistaken. Of course, check notebook will not be strictly (although there are different teachers), but you will understand that without notes simply can not learn. The right information is not always found in textbooks and even the Internet. That is why you have to listen carefully to the teacher and best way to take notes that will help you on the exam.

So, here are some simple note taking techniques on how to take pretty notes:

  1. Shrink the mother of learning, here’s how you can paraphrase the famous proverb. When the teacher says something long enough, you just need to learn how to capture the essence of and reduce. For example, the teacher says something about the Commonwealth of Independent States. You should write it. These reductions are standard, so you are not confused, if will then take detailed notes.
  2. The end of words in most cases does not affect the understanding of written. That is why you can feel free to throw them away. However, you should not try to reduce the word to a minimum, because then you will be incredibly difficult to read and understand his writings.
  3. The phrase from the title of the topic can easily be replaced by the abbreviation. For example, “the Political system of the States” can be turned. And it is clear and short, agree.
  4. In math we constantly use abbreviations. Why not use the same trick in the economy where the numbers and formulas, not less. If you can come up with your own abbreviations, you will not have to share formulas with lazy classmates. If you are not greedy, try to reduce the formula so that other students could catch the flight of your thoughts.
  5. It so happens that the teacher dictates very attentively, because it is constantly interrupted, says something very important your notes then decorated like a sloppy diary of a madman. To avoid this, you need to leave some space after each paragraph on case teaching of “enlightenment”.
  6. The school has always taught that notebooks with the fields is good, right and carefully. It is worth saying that here we are not deceived. The field will be very useful for the numerous marks to the information that you heard from the teacher. For example, you did not understand what wanted to tell the teacher. So you put on fields to the question mark and looking for right information home. If the teacher said, in his opinion, something important put an exclamation point. It’s very simple, but at the same time effective.
  7. The enumeration of any information should not be written in continuous text, because you can’t understand when reading. Better carefully a new row to select all sub-items. Besides, the most difficult of enumeration you will be able to pull out from your notes and make some sort of bomb, which are useful if you know how to correctly write off.
  8. If you are an artist at heart it is not necessary to hide it. Draw on the margin if thus you retain the information. In addition, you will be able to apply their creativity in the graphs that will definitely help you memorize the necessary material.
  9. Some students (especially girls) like to use different handles for selection of material. I would like to note that this technique is never much use to anyone not brought, and some even a hindrance to focus. I would recommend you by answering the question of “How does note taking help students”, to forget about the colored pens. If you need to allocate something, you just emphasize. This efficient note taking way less time will it take and will look more available.
  10. It is not necessary to outline all the course subjects in one notebook. Then you simply will not be able to understand the material, and teachers may be dissatisfied with this approach to their subject. Better buy yourself one book on one subject is much easier.
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And last don’t throw away your notes after you have passed the exam. First, this information may be useful also in other branches of knowledge. Secondly, if the note organization are neat and well-written, it easily can sell that will bring you more profit and the buyer a good.