An example of research methods in the thesis work

For the first time doing a thesis, you may encounter difficulties understanding how to write one or another section of it. This can happen with an understanding of what research methods are and how they should be used and then described in their work. In this case, you will certainly be helped by an example of research methods in a thesis work.

Where can I find an example of research in the thesis

  1. In the scientific and methodical literature.
  2. On the website of the university.
  3. On other Internet sites.
  4. In the drafts of graduates of your university past issues.

Before you start work, get professional and high-quality advice from your supervisor (a teacher responsible for how you do your job). If you have any questions, contact him for complete information. In this case, you will be easier to navigate in the process of writing a thesis and quickly correct the mistakes made.

What are research methods and why are they necessary when writing scientific papers?

Before asking for help from different sources of information, study what the research methods are, how they are, and why they are needed when writing a thesis.

In order to write a professional-competent thesis, you need to consistently perform a number of necessary actions, as a result of which you can make a generalized, preliminary, and then the final conclusions. These include research methods. When studying something (phenomena, subject, topic, etc.) we use various methods (techniques, techniques) that help us understand their essence. These are the research methods. They can be divided into two groups:

  • practical (or in other words empirical research methods);
  • general theoretical.
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Comparative analysis of two or more objects of the same type, phenomena, judgments, conducting visual experiments are vivid examples of practical research methods. The general theoretical methods include:

  • modeling (creating similar situations, creating models for individual characteristics of the object under study);
  • abstraction (conscious distraction of attention from the known properties of the object to detect unknowns until now);
  • induction method – deduction (from simple to complex and vice versa);
  • method of axioms and formulas;
  • analysis (decomposition of more complex into simple components);
  • synthesis (combining individual elements into a common one), etc.

Research methods must be included in the introductory part of the thesis, thanks to which your project curator, and then the members of the State Attestation Commission, will be able to conclude that the studies you have done are correct, and understand how you came to this or that conclusion. And with their help you can prove the correctness of the conclusions made in the thesis. Therefore, it is very important to correctly determine what type of research these or other methods are used by you. Here you can use the example of research methods in a thesis. It is very important to understand that you should not specify too many methods, and even more so methods that you did not use yourself in your research. This may lead you at the most crucial moment – when defending a thesis, since you may be asked to elaborate on one method or another described in more detail, to which you are unlikely to respond. And one more tip – describe the research methods used after writing the main part and the conclusion. In this case, you can accurately formulate and describe them. If you still have problems with writing this or that part of the thesis, contact our specialists. They will quickly and efficiently help you.