Analysis of the financial condition of the company – an example of the thesis

Upon graduation, the student should confirm that the skills and knowledge acquired by him are learned and can be used in practice. It is for this and write a thesis. Of course, every year students are offered the broadest choice of various topics, and for students of economic specialties the analysis of the financial condition of the company is most popular. The graduation work of 2014 on this topic in its structure and design principles is not much different from the work of previous years. However, many students have some difficulties.

Work structure

To begin with, it is worth noting that the topic “Analysis of the financial condition of the company” of the thesis should be carried out in the form of research. In other words, the student will understand the work of a particular company or company. However, one cannot do without a general description of the analysis of the economic condition. Based on this, the approximate structure of the thesis will look like this:

  1. Introduction, which describes the goals and objectives of the study, the relevance of the described problem, as well as a brief description of the chapters of the thesis.
  2. The first part is considered more theoretical. Here you need to demonstrate your knowledge of the meaning and essence of the analysis of the financial condition of the company, the types of financial analysis and the like.
  3. The second part is practical, since in it the above knowledge is used directly during the consideration of the work of a particular enterprise.
  4. Conclusion in which you need to present your own conclusions, as well as propose and justify a strategy to improve and optimize the economic condition of the company.
  5. References, which contains not only the sources to which the student turned while writing a thesis, but also various legal acts regulating the activities of the company.
  6. The application in which all sorts of graphs, charts and tables. For example, the schedule of profitability, business diagram, a table with the structure of assets and so on.
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Where to get information?

It is quite logical that not every company will easily admit a student to the documents that are necessary for writing a thesis. Another difficulty lies in the fact that many universities require the signature of the head of the company, as well as a “wet” seal on all accompanying documents. Naturally, you can always search for familiar, but there is another way out of the situation. For example, you can find the necessary information on the Internet, and then ask the management or the secretary to put signatures and stamps. As practice shows, if the company has nothing to hide, and the information is publicly available, they will not refuse you. Moreover, if you later need a document such as the “Act on the implementation of the results of the thesis,” you can get it in the same company.

Where to look for help?

Naturally, the first and main assistant should be your curator. However, it often happens that the curator is not too responsible about their work, and you remain in a hopeless situation. Let’s just say: in no way should you download finished work from the network. Believe me, it’s literally five minutes to track down such a job, and as a result you may simply not be allowed to protect. Agree, it is not worth it. If the situation is such that “analysis of the financial condition of the company” – the thesis on this topic was too complicated for you, then the best way out of the situation would be to resort to the help of our specialists. Authors working in our company can write a thesis on any topic, and our company will take care that all accompanying papers are in perfect order.