An example of the act of implementing the results of the thesis

The act of implementation is one of the necessary documents accompanying any thesis, regardless of specialty and topic. In essence, this document confirms that the work is really relevant and can be applied in practice. Of course, not all departments require an example of the act of implementing the results of the thesis in a mandatory manner, but its presence is still worth taking care in advance, in case it is still useful.

Who issues the act?

As a rule, the issuance of the necessary documents is the responsibility of the organization on the basis of which you wrote your thesis. However, there are several options for obtaining help. So, if you wrote a thesis not based on any enterprise, then you can get a certificate from a company that can somehow use the results of your research in your work. Thus, acts or certificates can be provided by both state-owned enterprises or research institutes, and private companies. It all depends on your chosen topic and tasks, the solution of which you were engaged.

Content of the act

General example of the act on the implementation of the results of the thesis should contain the following data:

  1. Author’s data and thesis topic
  2. The full name of the company that issued the certificate, without abbreviations and abbreviations
  3. Characteristics of the problem or a list of issues that are described in the work
  4. Information on the fact and stage of implementation
  5. Description of the results

It is important to remember that it is the information about the results that have been achieved that plays the greatest role, since it is these data that make it possible to judge how well and how deeply the work was done on the project. In addition, it is necessary to take into account that the act must contain precise quantitative data, and not general phrases. Of course, not every company will directly use the results of a young specialist in their work, but in this case, you can use a small loophole: ask for not an act of implementation, but a certificate of the use of thesis materials.

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Plausibility check

On the one hand, no one will call the enterprise directorate, request reporting documentation and use other methods to verify the authenticity of the documents provided to you, because the certification commission already has enough work, but the supervisor does not need it. On the other hand, it is important to remember that in addition to information about the use of the results of your work, the act must contain the signature of the director of the company or his deputy, as well as a seal that you can not forge in any way, because forging signatures is a criminal offense. So an example of an act on the implementation of the thesis paper downloaded from the Internet will not work, since it does not contain the necessary signatures and seals.

Where to get the act?

Naturally, the first step is to contact the company, on the basis of which you wrote your thesis. If for any reason it is impossible to do so, try to find a private company whose business area is in any way in contact with the topic of your work. It often happens that the management can go to your meeting and issue the necessary paper with all signatures and stamps. However, if the situation is such that you received a refusal or the management does not know how to draw up an act, then you can always contact our company. We will provide not only an example of the act on the implementation of the results of the thesis, which will only sign and stamp, but we can help you with the search for a company that will give you the necessary information.