A conclusion of research paper

When writing student works, it is necessary to observe the requirements for the structure: first an introduction is written, then the main part, after it – the conclusion. The research paper should also have the listed elements. The conclusion contains all the conclusions reached by the author during the course of the study.

Why do I need a conclusion of the research paper

Samples of essays that you can find on the Internet almost always contain a conclusion. An exception can be only very small essays (3-5 pages). But even in them, although the conclusion does not stand out as an independent section, some brief conclusion summarizing the entire text should be present. Therefore, the question of whether a conclusion in the research paper is needed can be answered with confidence in the affirmative.

Benefits of the conclusion:

  • For the author of the research paper – the conclusion allows you to systematize all the conclusions that were made in the text, to form a complete picture of the phenomenon or process.
  • For readers – the conclusion provides an opportunity to quickly get acquainted with the ideas outlined.

Example 1

If they arouse interest, the reader will be able to study the entire text in more detail, and if they seem superficial, do not waste your time.

  • For teachers – after reading the conclusion, you can form an opinion about the quality of work, the depth of student understanding of the topic.

It can be concluded that to end the research paper with a conclusion is not an empty formality, but in fact an important action.

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How to write a conclusion in a research paper

It may be useful to study examples of foreign essays, but this is not enough to write your conclusion at a high level. Here are some tips to help you write the conclusion in the research paper:

  • The conclusion is written last when the bulk of the essay is ready.
  • In conclusion, you must adhere to the plan of the research paper. It will help not only to clearly follow the structure, but also to remember the laws of logic. No need to skip from the contents of one chapter to another, and then return to the first. Write the conclusions in sequence.
  • It is difficult enough to start a conclusion in a research paper. You can start by defining the concept underlying the topic of the research paper.

Example 2

For example, for an essay on the topic “Criminal liability for committing corruption offenses,” the beginning of the conclusion may look like this: “The concept of corruption is a collective one, combining various offenses. Corruption is a socially dangerous phenomenon in the sphere of politics or public administration, … ”

  • In conclusion, you can indicate whether the goal set in the introduction has been achieved. If this was not achieved, it is important to explain the reason for the failure (although this is a rarity for research papers).
  • The last paragraph of the conclusion should be a kind of generalized conclusion, putting an end to the whole study.

What should be in the conclusion of the research paper

Usually, the conclusion does not introduce any new material, does not add anything to what has been said earlier. It serves to generalize and systematize – in conclusion you only need to write the conclusion of the research paper correctly.

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In a good research paper, each chapter ends with a mini-conclusion. The presentation of the conclusions made in the chapters of the essay into a single coherent text is the writing of the conclusion.

The easiest way is to copy the findings, but this is not the right approach. More competently rewrite them a little differently, providing logical transitions. In this case, you only need to choose the main thing, without being carried away by “water” – the volume of the conclusion should be relatively small (in the research paper, it usually takes 1-2 pages).

If the text considered the views of various scientific movements on a debatable topic, in the introduction it is appropriate to express your opinion (which point of view seems more reasonable and why).

How to draw a conclusion in the research paper

The design of the research paper as a whole determines the design of the conclusion:

  • In conclusion, the same font is used as in other parts of the work (the most common is Times New Roman, size 14). The font color is black.
  • The same paragraph parameters apply (standard one and a half line spacing, indent of the red line 1.25 centimeters, without indentation before and after the paragraph).
  • In conclusion, it is undesirable to use illustrations and tables, it is better to do with clear text (it is possible to use lists – marked or numbered – if there is an enumeration).

The title of the conclusion in the research paper can be drawn up according to the model used in the design of the title of the introduction, chapters of the research paper, and list of references. The title can be centered on the line (more common) or indented. The title may be capitalized: CONCLUSION. Highlighting in bold, italics, or underlining is not recommended.