Arguments in a social studies essay

Social science is a whole complex of various disciplines that form a complete picture of society and the laws of the existence of the social world as a whole.

Social science is formed from the close connection between such sciences as philosophy, sociology, political science, economics, law – this whole complex is not considered separately, but as a whole. To understand such a complex subject, it is necessary to be able to conduct multi-level analysis, think logically and, of course, read as much literature as possible.

Social Studies Essay

Many of the schoolchildren and graduates are faced with writing an essay on social studies – in the form of homework, or on a single state exam. This is one of the most difficult tasks. The essay is a small prose essay. It is written in free form.

Structure of the essay:

  1. Introduction (quote, raised problem and its relevance);
  2. Brief theses expressing the thoughts of the author (the meaning of the above is described, a subjective point of view is given);
  3. Reinforcement of thoughts with arguments (arguments);
  4. Conclusion (conclusion).

When writing a text, it is necessary to clearly and correctly formulate your thoughts, to logically distinguish cause-effect relationships, to differentiate information, to give examples from your own life, to be able to argue all your conclusions. It is with the last of the above that many people have problems.

Essay Arguments

Arguments in an essay on social studies are those facts, incidents from life, quotations of scientists, scientific evidence that can confirm the thesis. For credibility, each statement must be supported by two arguments.

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It is necessary to properly present the argument:

  • You can start examples from your own life like this: “I remember very well how a similar case happened in my life …”, “despite the absence of vast life experience, there was a similar situation in my life…”;
  • Argument from the lives of others: “I remember one story that my father told me (grandmother, friend, acquaintance, etc.) …”;
  • The reference to authority: “an eminent writer (philosopher, scientist, artist, etc.) stated that …”;
  • The experience from the books: “remember an example from a great work …”;

To successfully write an essay, express your own point of view with the help of various introductory phrases: I think, I think, my opinion about, I will allow myself to express, in my opinion, most likely, and so on.

We hope this information will help you in writing a qualitative essay on social studies.