Arguments in English Essay

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of the English language in the modern world. It is taught in all schools and higher education institutions. Knowledge of English broadens the mind and opens many doors. Every educated person should own it. However, this is not at all easy – and it will take a lot of effort to achieve a result.

People around the world learn the language for various reasons – for traveling, work and business, to communicate with residents of foreign countries, to read books and various publications in the original language.

Each person in the process of learning may be faced with the need to write an essay on the English language. This article will help you understand the main aspects of this work.

English essay structure

An essay is an essay written in prose, usually of small size and contains its own thoughts, arguments, and considerations of the author. The topic can be chosen any, and the text is presented in free form. Although this is a creative and individual work, the structure in the English essay is:

  • Brief theses (thoughts, judgments of the author);
  • Arguments that reinforce theses.

In addition, the essay contains an introduction (in fact, this is a statement of the problem, and also a topic is indicated) and a conclusion in which conclusions are drawn.

The arguments in the English essay are facts cited from books, scientific literature, personal experience, or simply heard. Their main task is to confirm the theses. Here are some examples of phrases that can be used for argumentation:

  • “I presume …” (I admit);
  • “Thus …” (so that);
  • “Let us start by considering …” (let me start by considering);
  • “Therefore …” (because …);
  • “They suppose” (they assume that …);
  • “I am convinced that …” (I am sure that … “;
  • “We can to begin with …” (we can start with);
  • “Believed that …” (it is believed that);
  • “The most common argument against this is that …” (the more likely fact against this is);
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There are a lot of such phrases and they help to correctly enter the necessary facts into the text.

It is very difficult to start sentences, for this there are the most common phrases for writing an essay in English, here are a few of them for example: It is said (it is believed that …), as a result of … (as a result …), indeed, … ((in reality, …), besides, … (among other things, …), in addition to, … (in addition to, …), as far as I can judge, … (as far as I can believe, …), however, … (besides …), to my mind, … (in my opinion …) and others.

They are a kind of a foothold and help to correctly arrange your work.