The Best Tips to Get on Well with Your Flatmates

When studying at university, sharing an apartment with a flatmate can be an amazing experience, but there may come a time when you run into conflict. To help in these circumstances, we’ve compiled some simple tactics that can help maintain the harmony.

Here are our top tips:

  1. Keep shared spaces clean

Whether you will be living together for one semester or for the entire degree, it’s important that you show each other respect by keeping the main living area clean. Have a chat about what you all define as “clean” and set up guidelines. For instance, you may decide that items like clean laundry should be folded in your own spaces and dirty plates should be brought to the kitchen immediately.

  1. Talk through issues

Of course, even if you’re diligent with being clean, other problems may arise. So if you have an issue, make sure you talk it through with them. For instance, you may find one of your flatmates is having friends over too late the night before your big exam. This is something you’ll want to talk through with them and you may come to the resolution that no guests will come over the night before exams.

  1. Have fun together

Just because you’re flatmates, doesn’t mean you can’t be friends too. So get to know your flatmates better by showing them that you’re genuinely interested in who they are. Ask them about their university classes, hobbies or favourite movie and you’re bound to find something you have in common.

If you all love playing soccer, perhaps you could set up a weekly game at the University Park or you could organise a game of pool or an Xbox match at your property.

  1. Give your flatmates space

While spending time together is great, you’ll also need to have time apart. Consider joining one of your university clubs to get to know other students with similar interests and encourage your flatmates to do the same.

  1. Be accepting

We all know no one’s perfect. So give your flatmates a little grace if they make some mistakes and always stick by the rule of discussing issues in order to make living together an experience you’ll always remember in a positive light.