Essay about friendships

Friendship definition

But love and fulfill their desires, a dream about that next to them there were always those who understand them, will support, protect, helping hand, listen and it will not require anything in return and it’s not about your parents or the loved ones and friends. But real friends are a gift. So what is true friendship and how not to get it wrong and friend was suddenly not the man.

Definition of a true friend

Friendship resembles love. It is so unpredictable, desirable and truly priceless, because as rare. Do meet real friends, no less difficult than someone who will make happy. After all friendships include not just communication, but also support in the most difficult situations, full acceptance of the friend as he is. Unlike romantic relationships, in friendships no one is trying to remake itself. People communicate, because together they are good.

They become friends only when both feel in each other’s company for comfort. And these relationships do not survive such periods of crazy passion, calm, love and disappointment. And don’t expect they are apart of something supernatural and they fight much less than lovers, between which burning feeling. People are friends with those who they like as a person, someone who causes no rejection, does not require too much and are not offended for any reason.

Friendship is a close relationship between people, not burdened by unfounded expectations and hopes. Her people do not dissolve and do not lose themselves, as it sometimes happens in love. On the contrary, the friendship helps them to feel more secure, more confident. Because the realization that you will come to the rescue, instills confidence in their abilities. No longer as scary as when he is alone. He has someone to lean on, someone to ask advice. He knows that a true friend will not give and will not put their goals above it.

As the great say “We don’t need much friends, but in the knowledge that they will come to our aid when we need it”.

What is the true meaning of friendship

When talking about friendship, of course, it is worth to mention its main component – trust. It determines whether people consider someone a friend or not. When they can’t trust someone, they’ll never call him a friend, do not let close. Even someone you were friends for many years, after the betrayal they removed from their lives. Because friendship is unconditional trust between people.

People get from those who I trust the most intimate understanding, which they so often lack. They know that friend will not judge, will understand, will calm, will listen, will not taunt, criticize, humiliate. He will always be on his side, even if all turn against him. When people are not confident that they will receive it from a person who wants to communicate with them more closely, they wouldn’t call him a friend. Without trust and confidence in the friendship cannot be and speeches.

Men to make friends much easier, they share a lot of interests, they don’t have so many responsibilities to maintain home comfort and upbringing of children. Women to tear myself an extra minute, just to talk to friends is not easy, especially if the husband is too jealous or tyrant. This is why male friendships are much more common than the female, and not because of female friendship does not happen.

The features and quality of friendship

Before you call someone a friend or yourself to become one, you need to understand what qualities are needed so that people were friends, what signs indicate that this person is indeed a true friend that you can always ask for help and can guarantee they will get that help.

Friendship does not happen without mutual interest, sympathy, desire to help, care for, Hobbies that you share.

It dies without communication, meetings, discussion of personal problems, willingness to spend your time on another person.

Writing about friendship

It’s mandatory characteristics are the understanding and desire to deal with what is bothering the person at any point in time, willingness to help, no matter how it was hard or inconvenient.

But without respect for the personal lives of other can not do, even if he or she is always ready to drop everything and come on the first call. Very soon this selfish attitude will cause them to open their eyes to what they are used for their own purposes, not allowing them to build their lives the way they want. True friendship rests on the fact that people care about one another as well as themselves, sometimes even more. But the one for whom they were ready to make a sacrifice, does everything that his friends do not suffer.

These qualities and characteristics of friendship illustrate that friends are not always close friends. Not everyone can call their friends, relatives, brothers or sisters, parents. To call someone his friend, he must be confident in himself. And not demand the impossible from him.

Can not be called a friendship communication with colleagues and acquaintances, even if it is pretty close, if the lack of genuine sympathy, concern, and desire to help. Even among those United by common interests, for example: members of some club or sports fans, often no friends, because between them there is no trust, loyalty or as another member of his group, but as a person. And tomorrow if their interests change, they’ll remain just friends, once addicted to something one.

The same can be said about business partners, members of business groups, executives in the same company. All these relationships are forced and based on personal interest of each. They have no trust, mutual support, if the situation does not affect their interests.

This mutual friendship has nothing to do with the benefit. If one is bad, and all the other helping hand, or offer it, let them know and did not ask. To each other never fail.

Examples of true friendship

There are situations when a friend gets in trouble, and then he was trying to help with the bitter truth, or refuse to help, but often the friendship ends, as one who was in a difficult situation, considers such behavior of the person that he trusted, betrayal. And the one who so wants to help, doesn’t understand why his friend is to trust him and take his hand, pulling him down with me.

Without trust, the friendship disappears as well, and without sympathy, desire to understand and feel the inner world of another. It kills and the inability to maintain relationships and communication due to moving to another city, country, appearance of new companies for communication, marriage, change of interests, which included, lack of free time.

But the friendship we need, so it’s important to cherish and appreciate. After all, it makes feel that we are precious and needed by someone.

Friends do not make many demands and often do not expect anything in response, knowing that you will get exactly the same support. Without them, it does not say and how not to convince, hard to live. You can, but still who would refuse those who are always ready to help? It is not surprising that friendship is what makes us happy and gives us hope when hard, and the despair threatens to absorb without residue.