Business plan composition

Business plan is compose of executive summary, company analysis, industry analysis, customer analysis, and customer analysis, competition analysis, marketing plan, management plan, financial plan, operation and development plan.

Executive summary it contains precise synopsis of the business plan. It should be easy to read and no longer than 2 to 4 pages. Executive Summary should sell idea to prospective investor such as the size and scope of the market opportunity, profitability model and skills of the management team to execute the plan.

Company Analysis it includes the planned overview of the company and explains how the company is organized such as the products and services to offers.

Industry Analysis it asses the competitors and analyze the market research issue including the size of the target market and trends of the industry.

Customer Analysis it involves in knowing what the customer wants. It is essential to know exactly and identify the target customer such as average income of the customer and geographically location of the customer. Also, know how its products and services satisfy their need and able to pay.

Competition Analysis it defines the direct and indirect competitors and evaluates their strengths and weaknesses

Marketing Plan Analysis it contains the strategy knowing the target markets including the company’s pricing strategies, promotional strategies, branding strategies, product, and services description.

Management Plan it shows that the company has required human resources. It should have key management personnel including their background in order to make a successful business as well the boards of directors or board of advisors

Financial Plan it involves the growth of the company’s revenue and profitability model. It also evaluates the amount of capital needed, the proposed use of these funds and the anticipated future earnings such as the projected income statements, balance sheets, and the cash flow statement.

Operation and Development Plan it explains the functions required to run the business, milestones to be reached as well as the quality should be controlled.