Create your own future today

Open and distance education is filling the gap between demand and supply of higher education by providing similar opportunities as traditional universities.

Established in 1985, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) offers around 125 programs in diverse disciplines delivered through the distance mode.

Hardened by the demands of a competitive job market, students do not want to keep their future career options open-ended. More and more students are now enrolling for professional courses that would enhance their marketability.

Plenty of courses are available in private institutes to fill the requirements of booming industries such as hospitality, fashion, travel and tourism, aviation, to name a few. Admission to some of the courses are ongoing.

Going overseas still remains a popular option for students. Educational consultants advise aspirants to begin preparation a year in advance.

Besides doing research on countries and applying to institutes, aspirants may be required to appear for various eligibility tests. So August is the month to start planning your education overseas.

The concept of a gap year is originally Western in thought. An ideal gap year is one that a student uses for facing the real world before diving head-on into college.

The benefits of a well-used gap year are innumerable – one can use it for travelling, volunteering or even a job.

This way the student going for his first-year in college is more mature, confident and prepared for pursuing further studies.

Another route taken by adventurous students after school is to take up a job. An increasing number of youngsters are choosing this path to learn while they earn hence creating a workable alternative to studying a course in a college they don’t like.

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Besides, sectors facing a huge manpower crisis like the aviation are recruiting students as soon as they complete their class XII.

The current demand is pegged at 1,500 and the sector estimates that 5,000-7,000 pilots and co-pilots would be needed over the next five years.

Airlines are offering to pick up 30% of the tab for pilot training programs and promising jobs even before the students get their wings.

With all these options open to you, the world out there is more promising than you think. So step out with confidence and create your own future today.