College farewell party ideas

All students and not only students, probably, will be celebrating their, so to speak, the professional holiday Day of students.

Farewell party ideas for friends

I’m sure many now are wondering how to spend this day to the memory remains a pleasant and unforgettable moments which years later would be remembered with a mysterious smile on her face. Edition offers you some college send off party ideas in the student Day.


The first thing that comes to mind is to go to a club, especially in the eve of the Day of the student posters are filled with party invitations that will appeal to everyone. If dancing till you drop to the energetic music this is for you stock up tickets in advance to the holiday were not disappointed on entering the club, paying twice as much or not at all hitting the dance floor.

Farewell party theme

Here, of course, you need to show imagination. This may be a “Gangster party”, “Retro”, “Hawaiian”, you can have party ideas for college students in the style of balls of Louis XV, in General, everything that seems relevant at the moment. You can have a party in the narrow circle of his classmates, and on the scale of the whole institution. What party is complete without contests!

Farewell parties games

The orientation quiz can be any literary contests, comic evening, or serious competition. You can, for example, to prepare a number of questions on any particular discipline literature, mathematics, physics, guessing riddles to test ingenuity and resourcefulness. You can also ask those present to recall Actresses, or literary heroines, ask them to come up with more diminutive. You can ask questions verbally, and it is possible to prepare in advance cards with questions, photos of Actresses and portraits.

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Theatre competition

Under this task, participants have to read in any style nursery rhyme. Need depending on the task to read this poem in the spirit of the telephone conversation, or a love confession, or oratory, and so on. Also, think about college send off party decorations.

Guinness show

You can hold a contest, who has, for example, the long hair, the slim waist, the kindest eyes and so on. At the end of the competition, all are assigned the title of “most”.


Great and fun this day could be a professional photo shoot. After all, if you do not care about cool pictures, the memory of the student years can only stay boring photos at the University.

Karting, bowling and an ice rink

You can go with a group, bowling, go karting or ice skating at the end, depending on the preferences of all participants. Can and by polygon to run around with guns, playing paintball. A lot of excitement and positive emotions are guaranteed.


If you want to remember this day as the craziest in your life, try some extreme kind of celebration. The most harmless variant is skiing or snowboarding, but if you’re willing how to tickle your nerves, it is possible to jump with a parachute or rope (rope jumping). Of course not everyone will dare, but it’s worth it.