The MBA Business Qualifications

When enrolling in the Australian Institute of Business MBA program, many students do not realize that the degree actually comprises two post-graduate qualifications, in addition to the MBA. These qualifications are represented as stages of the MBA but are milestones in their own right. They are the Graduate Certificate in Management, the Graduate Diploma in Management and the Master of Business Administration. This stage-by-stage structure of the MBA allows a milestone to be achieved every four subjects which students can use to advance their career. If you would like to learn more about each of the qualifications, see below.

Graduate Certificate in Management (GCM)

Awarded after the completion of only four subjects, the Graduate Certificate in Management is the first step towards the prestigious MBA. Listing the qualification on your resume and LinkedIn profile shows that you are well on track to achieving your MBA, and have successfully completed the first stage. As the Graduate Certificate in Management is a postgraduate qualification, it is a higher level qualification than a Bachelor degree. It also reinforces that you have already gained a great deal of knowledge, which can now be applied in a practical sense in the workplace. These skills include those that are necessary to manage real-world business situations at both operational and strategic levels.

At AIB, the Graduate Certificate in Management is comprised of four core subjects that all students must complete to achieve their MBA. These four subjects come from a list of seven core subjects. They are: Leadership, Marketing Management, Strategic Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Corporate Governance, Financial Management and Strategic Management.

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Graduate Diploma in Management (GDM)

After the completion of 8 subjects, being the remaining three core subjects and an elective, students are eligible for the Graduate Diploma in Management. A prestigious qualification within itself, this milestone represents that the student is only a short time away from achieving the MBA. The Graduate Diploma in Management explores strategic business and management skills and knowledge in greater breadth and depth. Some students find that following the completion of this stage is the perfect time to take a short break from study to recharge and prepare for the final three subjects and MBA project.

It is during this stage of the program that students confirm whether they will specialize their MBA, and if so, which specialization they will pursue. At AIB, specialization options include Entrepreneurial Management, Finance, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing Management. If a student chooses not to specialize their degree, they will choose four elective subjects from the aforementioned disciplines, one of which is completed in the Graduate Diploma stage.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Now for the one we have all been waiting for – the MBA. Whether you are looking to improve your professional credibility, grow or start a business, change your career path, increase your salary or just get qualified – the MBA is certain to contribute greatly.

The final stage of the journey, the MBA, is made up of the remaining three specializations or elective subjects and the final project. For the project, students identify an appropriate workplace-based research problem, conduct a small literature review, analyses the data relating to the workplace or industry, and present findings in a formal business research report.

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With AIB’s program structure, the whole degree can be completed in 2 years, but students have the option to spread the degree over three years if they wish.

It is clear that each of the qualifications are important milestones on the journey towards completing the MBA. Each stage allows the student be recognized for their hard work, apply the knowledge they have learnt thus far, and be proud of achieving a qualification. By earning qualifications like the Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma on the road to the MBA, students will be better placed for promotions, new roles and recognition in the workplace.