Conducting the final essay

The order of the final essay (presentation)

The final essay (presentation), as a rule, takes place at school bases or places, which are determined by the executive authorities in the field of education at the regional level.

Passing this exam means access to state final certification and is mandatory for all high school graduates. Also, graduates who did not receive admission to state attestation last year are allowed to write the final essay. At the end of the writing, the exam participants receive a “Pass” or “Fail”. Applicants to universities can benefit from passing the exam – universities translate the results into points, which will be summed up with the USE grades. As much as possible it will be possible to get 10 points, however each university or institute reserves the right to use its own evaluation criteria.

At the very beginning of the final essay, the members of the commission of the educational organization conduct a briefing on which they tell students about the rules for completing the final essay, stipulate the time for completing the task and where and when it will be possible to find out the results.

Before starting to write the final essay, participants need to fill out a registration form, where the number of the essay topic will be indicated (consists of three numbers).

During the course of the final essay, it is only allowed to have:

  • identification;
  • pen;
  • orthographic dictionary;
  • drafts.

How to start preparing for the final essay?

For preparation, the participants are informed about the five directions of the final essay topics long before the exam. Within the framework of these five areas, the topics for the exam will be announced, which will be the basis of the essay (presentation). A supplement to the preparation and ground for reflection will be a list of proposed literature. This literature will be very useful and can be the basis for writing. Topics of the essay become known 15 minutes before the start of writing.

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Texts of no less than will be allowed for review. 3 hours 55 minutes are allocated for work. The results of the final essay will be known 7 days after.

In order to successfully write an essay, it is necessary to prepare carefully in advance, since it is forbidden to use literary texts during its execution. Therefore, do not neglect the recommended literature, but read the necessary works of art. They will help broaden your horizons, replenish your vocabulary, use the right arguments to substantiate your position in the question concerned. The final essay without an example and literary argument will be evaluated at zero points.