English Essay Plan

International English exams are becoming more and more popular with local students. The most common are the TOEFL and IELTS exams, aimed at assessing the level of preparation and knowledge of the language. The obtained certificate opens up many opportunities for you – a successful career, studying in most secondary and higher education institutions in the USA, Great Britain, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and other countries, immigration, training and getting a job abroad.

English Essay as part of the exam

For the exam will take a lot of effort. 4 skills are evaluated, which will show the level of proficiency in English. This reading, writing, listening and speaking. The most difficult work is to write a small essay on a given topic. You are given a statement – you agree or disagree with it and give arguments.

Features of writing an essay:

  • One thought should be traced in every paragraph;
  • It is necessary to formulate thoughts clearly and clearly; it is better to avoid long, overloaded sentences with sentences, because this test does not test the intellect, but knowledge of the English language;
  • Re-read your own text to check for possible repetitions and errors;
  • Maintain integrity and consistency in writing;
  • The volume of the essay is small and must necessarily contain an answer to the question posed.

These tips will help you avoid the most common mistakes. It should also be remembered that the English essay has a structure:

  1. Entry – describes the given problem and your point of view. The beginning of the essay should attract attention, interest – after all, this is the first thing the examiner will read.
  2. Abstracts and supporting arguments. Here it is important to clearly articulate thoughts and confirm them with examples from personal experience, books, stories of friends, etc.
  3. Conclusion – you must submit your opinion on the given problem.
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The TOEFL essay plan and the IELTS essay plan are similar and necessarily contain the author’s position, explanation, examples, and judgments. If you understand the scheme – then you do not have all the free time to train in writing these works.