Theoretical part of the dissertation

This part of the thesis is one of the most important. It is the leader who checks it in order to understand how the student has mastered the skills of searching for information, its processing and composition. This part will serve as the basis for the research described in the practical part of the dissertation.

Base for analysis

Before you start writing the theoretical part, you need to develop a certain base. You need to study a huge number of textbooks, a variety of books, periodicals, scientific papers, online resources and much more. During the study it is best to record the necessary moments, so that later they will not be lost in the pile of literature. This part must also be spelled out terminological apparatus, which will be used throughout the work. This case must be approached thoroughly. The terms can be taken from the works of scientists, from materials that are analyzed during the collection of information, as well as from lectures on this course. The main distinguishing feature of the dissertation: in spite of the fact that the theory is taken from scientific works, it must be passed through itself. After all, a graduate student is almost a specialist, which means that he is capable of his own ideas, his own terminology.

The content of the theoretical part

The most important requirement for a dissertation is to follow a common topic. Very often, graduate students, plunging work, moving away from the main idea. As a result, a dissertation is obtained about everything and about anything. Therefore, such a correspondence must be constantly monitored. It is best to make a detailed plan that will help keep yourself within the framework. Another important point: a dissertation is a solid work, it examines and solves some serious problem. Therefore, it should not be considered one-sided. It is impossible to write the theoretical part of the dissertation, based on 1-2 textbooks. The topic should be debatable. As a result of its study, you must take a point of view, or create your own.

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Structural features

As well as the practical part of the dissertation, the theoretical should be divided into chapters and paragraphs. After all, this is quite a lot of work, and it should be consistent and logical. Even when drawing up a work plan, it is necessary to prescribe all the components of the theoretical part. However, when working with it, you will certainly have additions and changes. You will achieve the final version only after the supervisor approves all the work. This is a long and laborious process, so sometimes it’s better to just order a dissertation. Here you can not only choose the author, but also personally agree with him about the price. The work will be done exactly the way you want it, but if not, then it can be sent for revision. In any case, you will only win.