Coursework topics on pedagogy

Teachers love when a student chooses an interesting topic. As a rule, in the list of topics proposed by the department, there are none. Therefore, the student has to torment himself to look for a topic. The problem is that even if you decide to place an order for coursework with us, you should choose a topic yourself. Our authors can write courseworks on absolutely any subject, besides for little money. Therefore, it is much more reasonable and more profitable than if you write a coursework independently. In addition, you do not have to learn the peculiarities of the content of the course and design rules.

But, as we have said, the topic is coming up for you to choose. However, we decided to help you here. Our authors have selected thirty very interesting topics in their opinion that the teacher will definitely appreciate.

  • Features of pedagogical work in primary school.
  • The role of the personality of the teacher in the educational process.
  • Problems of patriotic education at different ages.
  • The role of the game in teaching younger students.
  • Ethical and family education in school.
  • Features of pedagogical work with children with delayed development.
  • Training and education of children with Down syndrome.
  • Features of education of gifted children.
  • The problem of mutual understanding of the teacher and children with deviant behavior.
  • Types of memory. Methods of development of various types of memory.
  • Problems of women’s education.
  • The problem of art education in school.
  • Education systems abroad (any country to choose from).
  • Transition to the Bologna education system. Advantages and disadvantages.
  • School: training or education?
  • Dependence of socialization and place of residence.
  • The impact of urbanization on the process of socialization.
  • Principles of social pedagogy.
  • Ethical and moral aspects of the work of a social teacher.
  • Information storage technologies.
  • Comparative characteristics of education methods.
  • State education standards.
  • Tasks and technologies in pedagogy.
  • Teaching style.
  • The image of the teacher in the learning process.
  • Problems of development of creative thinking in schoolchildren.
  • Principles of pedagogical work.
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