Topics for the final essay

How to approach the choice of the theme of the final essay?

The choice of the topic of the final essay (presentation) is not an easy task. It should be approached with all the responsibility, since it is precisely according to the results of the final essay that access to the USE will take place. Students are tentatively informed of the five main thematic areas for the final essay. Specific topics are kept secret and become known immediately before the exam itself. To prepare, in advance, the teachers publish a list of recommended reading materials, which will be useful for writing future work. A person who does not know most of the works of art and literary material will simply write about.

The choice of the topic of the final essay should be based on a clear idea of ​​what you plan to write about. That is, to know your strengths and do not write about the material that you do not understand. Before writing, you need to identify for yourself what the work will be used as a literary argument that will help to formulate your position in the raised question. Be sure to give one or more examples that best illustrate the problem. Without literary argument, essays will not be evaluated.


When the topic is selected, the idea is formulated, you need to submit the course of your thoughts. And it is better to write all the developments on the draft, so you will have a plan. Divide the essay for yourself conditionally into such parts:

  • problem identification;
  • your attitude to the problem;
  • guidance of arguments and examples (proof or refutation);
  • what conclusion you came to.
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Having previously developed a plan, you can proceed to the disclosure of each item. Use for a start a draft where you can always fix or finish something. Perhaps the thoughts will come to you in a chaotic manner, they certainly need to fix. In due course each phrase will take the place in the text and will make a full composition of the composition. Even if you made grammatical and spelling errors, there is a chance to correct them before rewriting to final work.

The writing allows you to unleash your potential, shows your literacy, the quality of your writing; the ability to formulate the essence and problems of the topic, and fully disclose it; the ability to express their own thoughts and experiences.

According to the results of the final essay, a “credit” or “fail” will be issued.