Speech to defend the coursework

Inexperienced students believe that if you have written a coursework well, then on defense you can relax and do nothing. However, this is fundamentally wrong thinking. More than half of the assessment depends on how you could protect your work.

What is the grade for coursework

An important role in the evaluation is the text of the course. How high will be your score, 50% depends on the work.

The protection text is another 50% of the rating.

Example 1

We need to competently present our coursework, so that the teacher would think: “Perhaps the work is better than I myself expected. It is necessary to put a higher rating. It may turn out the other way around, if you are unsure about a good job, confused with facts, painfully looking for answers to simple questions. It all depends on you.

It should be borne in mind that only the head reads all coursework. Other members of the commission (if the work is defended before the commission) at best will examine it diagonally, focusing on the defensive speech of the course work.

Important points for preparing the perfect speech to defend a coursework

Each school in its own way regulates the time to protect the course work. Speech should not be delayed. Sample requirements: “The protective word for coursework should be 5-7 minutes.” It is bad if the presentation takes only 2 minutes, because during this time it is impossible to present and seriously substantiate the conclusions obtained in the paper. On the other hand, too prolonged speech will also cause a negative assessment: it will show your inability to single out the main thing. We should not forget about the human factor: the commission needs to listen to the speeches of the whole group or even several groups, which can be quite long and not too interesting.

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Protective speech need to rehearse at home. Best of all, if you can find a listener, but the recitation will do (exactly out loud to detect time) in front of the mirror.

All key points of your work should be supported by illustrative material. To visualize the most important thing you need to prepare a presentation or handout with tables and graphs. The important point is that each chart should fall at the moment when you talk about it.

On the very protection you have in front of your eyes can and should lie a leaflet-tip with a brief content of the text to protect the course. On it you need to list in order all that you will talk about so as not to get confused. It is desirable that he was a thoroughbred (without strikethrough and arrows what and what goes). Speech should be on average, clear to the ear, pace. If you speak quickly, hoping that the commission will miss most of the information past the ears, then it threatens you with a large number of questions to you after you finish the story.

After each question from the members of the commission, they should be thanked for the question and answered it in a detailed form, so that the teachers understand how well you own the material.

Sample of the beginning of speech to protect the course work

On defense, the first impression is important. At the very beginning you need to come up with a greeting. Everything must be official here.

Example 2

One of the options to start is: “Good afternoon, dear chairman of the commission and distinguished members of the commission!”

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Further in the speech to protect the course work you need to identify the topic.

Example 3

An example of the introductory structure: “Today, your attention is represented by a coursework on the topic …”, after which you need to quote the topic exactly as it appears on the title page.

The following points should be indicated: the relevance of the problem, the hypothesis (if it exists), which is the object and subject of research, the goals and objectives of the course work. To sound the above parameters is in the same order in which they are specified in the introduction.

The main and final part of the speech on the defense of coursework

After the introduction, you can begin to voice the main content of the work on chapters. In this part, the following phrases will be useful for linking parts of the text:

  • “When covering the issue …”.
  • “During the study it was established …”.
  • “Analyzing this issue …”.
  • “In connection with the data ….” etc.

If the work includes a practical part, then it is necessary to tell what research was conducted, what methods and tools were used, what conclusions were drawn (in this part of speech specific figures are relevant, accompanied by the demonstration of graphs or tables).

At the end of defensive speech, the hypothesis must be repeated with the result (whether it was refuted or confirmed). It is also necessary to say which tasks from the stated ones were fulfilled (for unfulfilled ones – to explain the reason for non-compliance), to outline the prospects for future research on this issue.

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The text of the defense of the course work is completed by the gratitude of the commission.

Example 4

An example of a phrase of thanks: “The report is over, thank you for your attention. I will be glad to answer questions.”