How to write a report to the thesis: an example

Thesis is important not only to perform well, but also adequately protect at a meeting of the State Examination Commission. With a bad, crumpled and uncertain report, the impression of even a good job is blurred, and this results in a low rating. Everything is explained simply: for those 10-15 minutes that are given to a graduate student to defend a graduation project or work, it is extremely difficult for members of the attestation commission to create a clear opinion about the level of student training. Therefore, the question of how to write a report for a thesis, an example of which can be taken for review, should be among the priorities in preparing for the defense.

Report structure

How to write a report to the thesis? An example will help to understand. The optimal duration of the report should not exceed 10 minutes, but it would be good to keep up with 8. The sequence of the message depends on the presentation of the graduation project / work, but usually includes:

  1. Introduction (topic, purpose, structure of work).
  2. The volume and content of the main parts.
  3. Detailed description of sections.
  4. Positive aspects of the work, where they can be implemented in practice.
  5. The presence of external positive conclusions about the results.
  6. The main findings and directions for further research.

One of the major shortcomings in the protection is the isolation of the report from the visual-graphic materials presented to the members of the attestation commission. In such cases, they have a well-founded impression of the work being fragmented, the lack of integrity and logic of presentation. Another common mistake of graduate students is that some sections of the project are not sufficiently covered during the report. This may create the impression that the graduate student does not know these particular parts of his own project.

In such cases, it is recommended to highlight particularly obscure aspects of the work, and those sections that the graduate student is familiar with, intentionally skip, provoking questions from members of the attestation commission. Naturally, the answers to them will be the most detailed and deep. This will have a positive impact on the final assessment.

How can you overcome these difficulties

Consultation, how to write a report to the thesis, an example of which is offered at the department, is one of the priority activities of our authors. All of them are experienced specialists in this field of knowledge, and also possess tremendous experience in preparing and presenting the results of thesis design. Therefore, if a graduate student experiences problems with preparing work for the defense, he will always be able to receive qualified and timely assistance.

This requires:

  • Check with the head of the thesis, in what form it is necessary to represent it during the defense. This may be, in particular, the presentation (most modern) form or stands with posters on the subject of the main sections.
  • Provide the author with all materials related to the preparation of the thesis: pre-thesis practice data, baseline data issued by the graduating department, expected outcomes, etc. The quality of the report and protection as a whole depends on the completeness of the initial data on the future project.
  • Coordinate the final form of the conclusions of the thesis work.

If such information is transmitted to the author in a timely manner, and it takes into account all the wishes of the head of the thesis, then successful protection is guaranteed. Indeed, during the preparation of a report on protection, consultations can be regularly held on the preparation of a thesis for protection and on the agreement of individual places of the report with the presentation materials provided.