Defense of the thesis

After the dissertation is written and verified, a new, no less responsible stage begins – preparation for its defense. At this stage, it is not just to learn the text and retell it. It is necessary to prepare a report, speech, visual aids. Defending a dissertation requires careful attention.

Defense preparation

The main stages for preparing for a speech before the certification committee:

  • report writing;
  • preparation of visual aids;
  • repetition.

In addition to all of the above, you need to prepare for the fact that the commission may have a number of questions for the student. Of course, it is impossible to predict this, but an applicant for a degree can analyze his oral report and suggest what questions may arise and prepare answers in advance.

Report Writing Rules

An abstract of a dissertation is a document that summarizes the essence of a student’s scientific work. The task is to highlight relevant issues, main ideas, research, evidence and conclusions.

Basic rules for writing an abstract:

  • The volume of work is strictly limited, it should not exceed 15% of the dissertation.
  • Writing a report to the defense is best done in parallel with writing a dissertation, but in two texts there should not be the same sentences.
  • The writing style of the report is scientific. Basically, the entire text should consist of terms, wording. The narration is from a third party.
  • The report should reflect the essence of the study as much as possible so that the commission does not have any questions.
  • There should not be a single mistake in the abstract, you need to check the entire text carefully before sending the work to the dissertation council.
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In addition, it is important to maintain consistency in the structure of the text: characteristics, main points, conclusion.

To visualize your research, it is important to prepare illustrated materials. It can be anything: graphs, tables, posters, slides, drawings. This work should also be done in parallel with writing a dissertation.

How the defense goes

The task of the applicant for the degree is to make a report to the Higher Attestation Commission. In a fairly short period of time, not more than 20 minutes, he must tell the essence of his scientific research.

Before defense, you should learn your abstract, because reading on defense is not welcome. Your monologue must be conducted in parallel with the demonstration of illustration materials. The more information the author presents, the fewer questions will remain with the members of the certification committee.

As a rule, highly qualified scientists are present in the commission, and every little thing is important for them, so you should check the accuracy of the facts provided in advance. Another nuance is the correct distribution of time. At the introductory and final parts should be allocated no more than 1-2 minutes. The main text, consisting of the most pressing issues and evidence, will take about 12 minutes.

Defending a dissertation is the most crucial moment for a young scientist, and it is important to think through every little thing, consider all the rules, and not worry. The most difficult thing here is the compilation of the text of the dissertation and abstract. The presence of errors, false facts and illogical presentation of information is unacceptable. Therefore, it is wiser to entrust the preparation for protection to true professionals. It is in our company that you will find a reliable and competent artist who will perform written work of any complexity in a short time.