Rules for completing a dissertation of the 2014 Higher Attestation Commission

One of the most difficult tests in the life of a young scientist is writing a dissertation. It should not only be literate and informative, but also be framed in accordance with all existing rules and regulations. That is why every author of such a work should make every effort so that in the end it turns out to be ideal. What are the basic rules for completing a dissertation for 2014 Higher Attestation Commission should be strictly observed?

Main requirements

Higher Attestation Commission puts forward the following basic rules for writing a dissertation:

  • Each dissertation should have a summary of the scientific hypothesis, an introductory part, an experimental part, a list of sources, a section in which the results and research methods themselves will be disclosed.
  • The dissertation should be written on A4 sheets.
  • As for the font of the work, it is mandatory to use Times New Roman, 14pt. Its saturation for all sections and fragments of the work should be the same (do not highlight individual elements of the text in bold).
  • The text should be placed on one side of the sheet.
  • The Higher Attestation Commission does not establish the volumes of the dissertation, but on average a good robot should consist of 100 to 150 pages. All of them must be sequentially numbered (the exception is the title page).
  • The title page should contain information on the specialization, the author himself, the educational institution, the topic of work and the supervisor who helped the student in his research. On this page should be indicated and the title of the dissertation.
  • If the work is written in a foreign language, then the dissertation should contain one more cover page, made in the state language.
  • Once the work is completed, any corrections and corrections can no longer be made. If discrepancies or errors are found in the work, it will be sent by the commission for revision.
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Such basic rules for completing the dissertation of the 2014 Higher Attestation Commission are quite simple and understandable in execution, however, the author of the work should pay special attention not to lose sight of important points.

Each applicant for a degree should also know that in addition to the main text about the research, all kinds of tables, diagrams and illustrations must be in his work. For their design, the Higher Attestation Commission also presents a number of requirements that must be taken into account in the process of writing the work.

When should you trust the writing of a dissertation to specialists?

Many young scientists draw up their dissertation themselves, however, for this work it is necessary to devote a lot of time, which not everyone has. In addition, all materials included in the dissertation should fully meet the requirements for this type of work before it is sent to print. And since there are a fairly large number of rules and requirements, not everyone is able to cope with the design of a dissertation on their own.

But there is a solution – our specialists will be able to cope with a similar task, at whatever stage of writing the dissertation. Many years of experience and invaluable knowledge will allow us to complete a dissertation in the shortest possible time, the contents and design of which will not cause complaints from the Higher Attestation Commission. In this case, we use only the most accurate and reliable sources that will allow you to get a really perfect dissertation.