Dissertation review by the supervisor

In the procedure for defending a candidate’s work, the recall of a supervisor for a dissertation is of particular strength. It is he who turns out to be the initial indicator of the quality level of the material presented.

Basic recall requirements

As for the peculiarities of writing a review, a document is created in an arbitrary form, but the material should be strictly structured. For this, a unique template is used, which will allow the supervisor to give an important first assessment of the material presented.

What should be the reviewer’s tip regarding dissertation material? This option is very important. After all, it can greatly affect the final result. Since the supervisor is well acquainted with the graduate student, he has the power to give an objective assessment of the research project.

Feedback is a real analysis of the scientific life of a graduate student. It is worth highlighting some fundamental rules for writing such material:

  • use of A4 format;
  • volume within 2 pages;
  • proper design of the title page.

From the head will be required to initially analyze the certification project of the graduate student. It is important to focus on the key points identified in the material. Feedback will need to start with an indication of the type of work. Only after this it is necessary to note the surname, name, patronymic of the researcher who was involved in the creation of the dissertation. This information block is located exactly in the center of the page.

What should be noted?

A competently written review of a supervisor for a dissertation suggests some features of its writing. In this study, the project should be noted as a separate line:

  • prospects for future research;
  • level of practical and theoretical implementation of the results of research material;
  • the volume of existing scientific articles and monographs on the topic of work.
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An expert opinion for a dissertation is prepared taking into account objectivity. The supervisor must constructively present the soaps. This applies to both encouraging opinions and criticism. You will also need to carefully analyze and give a reasoned assessment:

  • scientific novelty of the work;
  • compliance with the standards and requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission;
  • clarity and clarity of the material;
  • relevance of the topic, tasks and proposed research methods;
  • terminological variability of the language.

It is equally important to separately evaluate the theoretical and practical value of the project and the completeness of the dissertation.

Features of the work on the review

You can arbitrarily identify the scheme that supervisors are encouraged to adhere to during the preparation of the review. First of all, you will need to carefully consider the very subject of the dissertation project. This is the introduction to the study. The supervisor will need to note the subject, topic of the dissertation and information relating to its author.

The next step is to determine the timeliness and usefulness of the project, not only for science, but also for the economy and society. Moreover, the relevance must be substantiated in fact.

In the review, it is necessary to analyze the theses, to give an extremely concise description of the project. At the end, an independent, objective assessment of the dissertation research is issued. This block should be as concise as possible and without a hint of emotion and bias. Also in the review you will definitely have to highlight the level of importance of the project. It is necessary to give a recommendation for protection regarding the corresponding academic degree of the author of the project. When there is absolutely no time to create such a review, you should not use primitive templates, but it is better to contact our authors. They will make an informative, competent, correct review, taking into account all the requirements.