Sample title page of a coursework


A good mark for the course depends not only on its content, but also on how accurately and accurately the design is made. There are certain norms and standards for which it is customary to issue coursework.

The first thing that the teacher and the commission see in front of him is the title page. It is he who creates the first impression, so it is important to do everything correctly.

Each university has guidelines for the design of students’ research papers, and they should be listened to first of all. But they are all based on norms. How to make the title page of the course work on the standard consider in more detail?

The first recommendation is to create a separate document for the title page, so it will be easier to deal with page numbering and editing.

Title page content

On the first page of the course you specify the following data:

  • Full name of the Ministry of Education
  • The full name of your school
  • The name of your faculty
  • The name of your department
  • The words “course work”
  • Theme of the course work (for example, “on the topic:” Problems of adaptation of minors “)
  • Student data: group, full-time (part-time) department, full name
  • Data supervisor: scientific title, full name
  • City
  • Year

Title page format

The entire text of the title page is written in the same font as the text of the course – Times New Roman. Also, all but the words “Coursework” are done in 14 typefaces, and the words “Coursework” are typed in 16 typefaces and are bold.

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The situation is more complicated with alignment. It will not be possible to select all the text and put it automatically “in width”.

The cap of the title page, which includes the name of the ministry, educational institution, faculty and department is located in the center above the sheet. Words are written as in a sentence: the first letter is capital, the rest are lowercase. The exception is the complex names of educational institutions. If according to the rules they are written not in the order of a sentence, write as it is accepted in the university. No points are put, hyphenation of words, too.

Below a couple of indents, in the center of the sheet is the name of the work. It is also centered. Bold should be allocated only the words “Course work”!

After a couple of indents, write the data of the student and supervisor. They are aligned to the right. But in any case it will be better if all the lines start at the same level. Do not allow any hyphenation in words. This column should look uniform and neat.

Data about the city and year of writing are placed at the bottom of the sheet. Center alignment. Do not make any mistakes in grammar and punctuation!

Note that the title page, although it is included in the main volume of work and theoretically has a number, is not actually numbered. The numbering of pages in the coursework begins with the second page under the number “2”.

You can enter into the search engine “coursework title page sample standard” and get a lot of examples, but the source should be the recommendations of your school.

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If the design of the title page or the whole coursework causes you difficulty, contact us for help. Our experts will do everything quickly and efficiently, not allowing a single mistake! You will get a minimum of problems and an excellent rating!