Doctoral dissertation: requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission

The requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission for a doctoral dissertation are very stringent. But in the end, the applicant receives the academic title of Doctor of Sciences. It is important not only to conduct a study, but also to do it 100% well. In order for the work to comply with all norms and rules, you will have to try very hard. So, what should the doctoral dissertation on the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission contain?

Work structure

There are no clear requirements for the structure of the work, but usually it looks like this:

  • title page;
  • content;
  • introduction;
  • the main text of the study;
  • conclusion;
  • explanation of terms;
  • bibliography;
  • applications.

Most importantly, follow the logical sequence of chapters.

How to write a work

In order for the work to be properly built, it is important to be able to organize your own thoughts. First you need to clearly articulate the name. After all, the name itself is the first thing that members of the Higher Attestation Commission will hear from the candidate. The name is a guideline for the candidate, and the more accurately it is formulated, the easier it will be to limit the scope of research.

Before conducting a scientific research, it is necessary to carefully study the works of other scientists, because the task of the candidate is to develop new methods for solving the problem. In a word, research must be unique.

Next, we should describe in detail the author’s research methodology, indicate what the result was as a result. The more accurately goals and objectives were identified at the beginning of the work, the more specific will be the conclusion, that is, the result of scientific work. The volume of the whole text, excluding the title page, bibliography, content and applications, should be at least 200 sheets.

The final work should be written in scientific language. At the same time, it should be understood not only by scientists, but also by a wider audience. To make the study easier to perceive, it must be supplemented with diagrams, tables, formulas, graphs.


It is important to state your thoughts logically and consistently. You cannot go far from the topic, the text should contain information strictly on the topic. In addition, the work should be written in your own words, you cannot copy information from other sources. If extracts from sources are found, they should be issued in the form of citations. Probably not worth mentioning that the text should not contain grammatical errors, colloquial expressions.

The main requirement of the Higher Attestation Commission is at least twenty articles published in journals and approved by the Higher Attestation Commission. Without such publications, protection will not be possible. After drawing up the review, it is necessary to correct all the shortcomings and controversial issues that the reviewer highlighted.

Doctoral dissertation is a huge work, and not every candidate as a result of his work receives a degree. It is necessary to spend a lot of time and effort on the development of new methods, carefully study all scientific materials on the topic.

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