An example of research methods in term paper

When writing a course student, one has to formulate many different tasks, goals, objects, objects, methods, etc. We will talk about the latter in more detail. Research methods – this is how you will approach the study of the topic of their work. It is important to correctly formulate research methods, since the assessment of the entire study will depend on it. An example of research methods in the term paper, as well as explanations are given below.

Definition of the “research method”

This is a combination of ways to get new information, knowledge, ways to solve the tasks.

The method also includes systematization, evaluation of new information.

What are the methods

Methods are generally divided into two groups:

  • Theoretical (scientific data processing)
  • Empirical (practical data processing)

We can distinguish the following theoretical methods that you can use:

  • Logical statements – theory
  • Assertion requiring proof – hypothesis
  • Clear statement is law
  • Thoughtful statements – idealization
  • The result of the thinking process is formalization.
  • The study of phenomena – reflection
  • The transition of study from the general to the particular and vice versa – deduction and induction
  • The study of one side of the object in order to identify its properties – abstraction
  • The process of combining objects into groups – classification

The following empirical methods can be distinguished, which you can use:

  • Actions to prove the hypothesis – an experiment
  • The perception of subjects for the purpose of description – observation
  • Quantitative Study – Measurement

There are several other methods that students use when writing papers:

  • The division of the subject into parts for the purpose of general study – analysis
  • Combining individual characteristics to create a solid description – synthesis
  • Creating conclusions about the subject on the basis of similarity with other subjects – analogy
  • Creating an artificial model to demonstrate its functions – modeling
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How to choose the right methods for your term paper?

Of all the existing methods, you should choose a few that will be suitable for your research. So what will the choice be based on?

When choosing methods, consider first of all that they must be useful and adequate to the object and subject of work, and also allow to perform the tasks assigned.

Do not use outdated methods. Use more modern.

You need to understand where the research method will lead you. Will he get the desired result?

In the work you will use more than one method. All of them must be interconnected, all must create a whole work, support each other.

You can use examples of research methods in your term paper to see which ones are right for you. Sometimes it happens that a student, without knowing it, studies the subject using a certain method, but does not indicate it in the introduction. After writing the work, review them again and add, if necessary.

You can also use the methodological recommendations of the department to write term papers. It indicates the most used methods. This will help with the wording.

If you have difficulties with the definition of research methods or writing the work as a whole – contact our specialists. They have extensive writing experience and sufficient qualifications to prepare excellent term paper. We will be happy to assist you!