Application design in term paper

Term paper along with the mandatory parts may include additional, added at the request of the author. These optional parts include applications.

Why insert the application in the course

Term paper with applications has several advantages over term paper without applications. Examples of cases when applications are useful:

  • The volume exceeds the set. As a rule, managers impose rather specific requirements on the volume of term paper, and the restriction is made both from above and from below (in other words, not only the minimum but also the maximum amount is indicated).

Example 1

Excess volume is regarded as the student’s inability to choose the most important and leads to a decrease in the score. At the same time, there is a loophole for students: the volume of applications is not included in the scope of work, applications can be as large as desired. This allows you to make some extra fragments from the main part, where instead of placing the material itself, you simply make references to applications.

  • In the term paper can be developed a project, build a drawing. Applications allow you to use not only A4 sheets accepted in the main part, but also larger ones. Also in the application is placed the source code of programs (which is typed in a font that is convenient for the perception of the code, and not accepted for regular text Times New Roman).
  • Making a link to the application in the course is appropriate in the event that they fit a large array of “raw” data.

Example 2

For different disciplines, these data may be of a different nature: the results of experimental measurements, financial statements, primary accounting documents, contracts, court rulings. The main part in this case is only a generalization, analysis of these data, and not themselves.

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What can be done in the course application

Applications may contain materials that are related to the term paper being done, but which for one reason or another cannot be included in the main part.

You do not need to add to the application materials related to the term paper very distantly related.

Example 3

So, if the term paper is devoted to calculations with suppliers and contractors, the annex may include a contract with the supplier of the analyzed company (to illustrate what conditions for the calculations it contains), the invoice, the act, and similar source documents for work performed, services rendered, invoices for goods.

It seems appropriate and the inclusion of the financial statements of the company, which was used to analyze the financial situation. And the inclusion of an employment contract with employees will naturally raise the question of why it is needed.

Applications may contain:

  • Formulas, intermediate mathematical calculations and proofs.
  • Auxiliary digital data in tabular form.
  • Description of instruments and apparatus used in experiments and trials.
  • Protocols of experiments and tests.
  • Auxiliary illustrations.
  • Techniques and instructions.
  • Acts of implementation.

Application design in the course

The basic requirements for how to properly arrange the application in the course:

  • The rules for the design of applications in the term paper involve the placement of applications after the list of references (at the very end of the course).
  • Be sure to have a link to each application in the course.
  • The order in which you need to specify the application in the course, is determined by the order of their mention in the text.
  • Each application begins with a new page, and it is necessary to sign (headline) all applications in the course.
  • The numbering of applications in the term paper is carried out using capital letters of the alphabet. A common question is whether a single application is numbered in a term paper. It is referred to as “Appendix A”.
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Technical issues of application design

Designing applications created (like the main text of the work) using text editors is usually not a problem. Application headers are made in the same heading style as the heading of the course — this allows you to include them in the automatically generated table of contents.

Difficulties arise in how to design applications obtained in finished form. For example, in an enterprise a student may be given copies of financial statements. In this case, there are two ways:

  • Sign at the top of the application header black pen. Use the same pen to number the pages.
  • Scan the available sheets and paste the resulting images into a text editor, after preparing the headings.

Example 4

If the volume of the application is not very large, and the quality of the printout is satisfactory, the second option is preferable – such applications look neater and allow adjustments if necessary. If, however, when scanning and printing the application loses readability, you can use the first method.