Where to download college textbooks?

Usually, find free textbooks online sites where you can download books or in a foreign language takes more time and effort than downloading the books themselves. Everything below also applicable to audio textbooks for college. Therefore, we offer you a selection of sites where you can download artistic and scientific books and foreign authors, without registration, sending SMS and other complications.

Best place to download textbooks in English

Neither you nor I speak English, but there are some things that can only be said in English. (Aravind Adiga)

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world, the official language of many States and the language of international communication. Her knowledge greatly helps You in everyday life and, say, when You travel or are interviewing for employment.

How to get college books for free

“Harry Potter” in English reads not that much easy but much more interesting. About “Alice in Wonderland” nothing to say: no matter how many talented transfers, all puns can be fully appreciated only in the original. In General, reading English is correct and useful. And we will help you to choose a book at your level to make it even and nice.

Any English-speaking child can confirm that Dr. Seuss is not bad advice. If you love to read, but are afraid to start with a voluminous and full-length English novel, don’t worry. Especially for educational purposes publishers produce graded readers in English: for beginners to intermediate level and so on. Yes, a full view of the artwork you will receive later, but congratulate yourself on the first read English book since the Elementary level! A good online library of congress ebooks may be helpful.

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Reading increases vocabulary

Reading in a foreign language enriches vocabulary, even if we ourselves do not realize. Of course, new vocabulary is assimilated more efficiently, it is better to read the book, writing down unfamiliar words and learning their translation. When choosing books to read, follow your goals in training: if you need a speaking note on modern “easy” prose, if you want to learn the special vocabulary, the most obvious advice is to read the literature from the sphere of your professional interests.

Reading improves spelling

English spelling is full of mysteries and surprises. The spelling of many words defies logic: you just have to remember. And the best way to do this is to read more English literature to the images of words have been stored in memory.

Reading broadens the mind

Electronic books and blogs, news sites and social media feeds: reading in the twenty-first century has reached a new level. Common information space provides the opportunity to learn about what is happening in the most remote corners of the world to join the world cultural and scientific heritage.

Reading in the original language increases self-esteem

Listen to your feelings, when you finish the last page of his first novel in English: a pleasant feeling. “She’s reading Orwell in the original” sounds good! Any psychologist will tell you: motivation is important when performing any task. So do not miss the occasion once again to praise himself, this is not redundant!

Pick the adapted books in English for your level (a list of recommended books for levels A2-C1 see later in the article). Choose works on forces: start with short stories, gradually moving to larger literary forms.

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More fun than training, so it is more effective: try to find interesting for you eBooks. Fit detectives, thrillers, mystery or any other subject that wakes up your imagination and makes you read the book before the end.

Children’s books in English

If you know English only a few hundred words, pay attention to free online library database with many children’s books are also interesting for adults. Besides, children’s literature, as a rule, is generously provided with illustrations, which helps to understand the story.

Interesting fact: the famous children’s author Dr. Seuss, which were discussed earlier in our article, wrote his best book (“The cat in the Hat”), using only 220 words. This list of children’s first words, the publisher ordered the author to use them in his work: everything to earn the love of the target audience!

As children’s literature, comics is a great way to start reading in an unfamiliar language. There are many genres of comics: is comics for kids, for adults, entertaining and educational.

One of the proven and effective methods of mastering a new language, recommended by many polyglots read the target language books, already familiar in translation. The same applies to the film adaptations: useful to read scripts, watched movies. Advantages: the context is known, the plot is clear, the meaning of the new words guess the course of the narrative.

Reading them, you kill two birds with one stone: studying the relevant vocabulary in English and learn a new important topic for you. If you’re keenly interested in, why not read about it in English? Another advantage of such literature: it is easier to read than fiction novels. The style is simpler, the vocabulary is limited to the theme under consideration.

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Сontext is king (context is king)! If you grasped the main idea of the narrative, that is enough. Moreover, if you understand all the read most likely, you took the book too low level for myself. Try to find these books, were familiar will be about 70% of the vocabulary (the rest will have to write and learn).

Read in English out loud

It may seem strange, but reading well-proven in the task of improving pronunciation and listening skills if it is read aloud. Reading aloud, you tune into the sound of the target language. However, it is important to work on pronunciation and in addition to reading, or incorrectly “guess” the pronunciation of a word can be years to annoy you later.

When reading English, listen to audiobooks

Learning English in which the same combination of letters can be sounded a dozen different ways, it is very important to pay attention to the correct pronunciation of new words. We already wrote about format book + audiobook: reading English book, you hear it in the audio version, voiced by native English speakers. Very useful for learning pronunciation!