How many hours to study for exam

No matter what you are a student, the student who is diligently preparing for each seminar, or a funny little guy who lives on the principle “and so will ride”. At the beginning, ask yourself: “how much free time do you have in college?” and “how long should you study for a test?”. In any case, the word “session” your heart will loudly be given somewhere in the region of potatoes with ketchup.

As a rule, the exam questions you have a month before the test date. During the first week of this month you will be visited by thoughts like: “maybe to teach something?”, “We need to start to prepare, the time will pass quickly”, etc. And in response to your lazy alter ego says, “well, we will finish it, and now you can still do other things”.

How many hours to study for exam

Approximately 8-9 days before the exam you start the countdown. “8? Great, a lot!”. “7? Week? All the time”. “6? At the time!”. “5? What a beautiful number”. “4? So, start learning. Or no, do not start too early”. “3? So, an urgent cry to all his friends on his bitter share. Yes, still have some status cool to post about the session”.

Two days before delivery. You try to remember where you threw the exam questions, and notebook lectures so out of place lost. At 8 PM you with high expectations will begin to look for answers in the Almighty Google. At 12 at night will realize that 40% of the questions you haven’t found a decent answer, but your permanent desire to sleep will take you over the top. By the way, before I go to sleep, carefully, you will convince yourself that tomorrow you will Wake up at 7 in the morning until night so you can teach.

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One day before the exam. Morning (in spite of your bright dreams) starts in 11 hours. This is the best day for the whole month. Today you leave the “fresh air”, have been listening to a few albums in the player, pestering phone calls and texts all their friends in other words, do whatever you want, just not to start to prepare. About 7 o’clock in the evening, you understand what to pull on anymore. Frantically fall into the arms of books, notes and the Internet, for every hour you spend in class check social media and noticing at least one classmate, feel the universal happiness. At 4 am, you realize that sleep is useless.

Yesterday I went to bed very late, got up early, yesterday I went to bed very late, I barely slept. I probably the morning had to go to the doctor, and now takes me where I don’t want to.

How to get interest in studies

Prostrate come to the exam, pull a ticket, trying to get out of my head random, school, or a hastily rehearsed last night the knowledge. Going to answer, pass, receive a score, sometimes even very good.

Get home, meet the long-awaited Morpheus, sleep 5-6-7 (underline) hours, wakes up with mixed feelings: where am I, what am I, why am I?

The head should be a thought: “I passed, I got over it, I’m good!” (the analogy with the well-known anecdote about the crow), but you know what just tired. As it should be:

Begin to prepare in advance

To save your nerves (which you are, believe me, more useful) to start the preparation required 2 weeks before the exam. Before starting to teach, it is best to view all the questions and find similarities between them: experience shows that about 20% of the questions are very similar, so the answer to one of them without any consequences “pull” to another.

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Write a crib is not just possible, but necessary. Not ready to download from the Internet, namely to write by hand, just like old times. When you are trying to fit on a small piece of paper, 3 pages of printed text, you learn how to choose important. But to use cheat sheets in the exam is optional. And why, after all your mechanical memory is functioning perfectly, and you will read the response without prompts.

Probability theory vs Murphy’s Law

Of course, if you have not learned 2 questions out of 70, according to the theory of probability, chances are good that these questions are in the exam you will come across. But we must not forget about Murphy’s law. The moral: if you are unable to learn all the issues, you should at least read them. Will be very upset if you get exactly the job that you decided to skip, right?

How to study all day

If you have carefully prepared all the preceding days, the day before exam it is better to arrange a well-deserved rest. Spend time to study in nature, meet with friends, read a favorite childhood book in short, get something good. Sleep is also better to go early: you need to sleep well and relax to conquer the “test top”.

How to study for long hours with concentration? The important role played by your mental approach to the exam. Be confident! Smile during the response do not hide your eyes, and try to look into the eyes of the teacher. Watch the hands, they very often give excitement. If you twirl something in your hand or nervously interlock them with each other, it is better to hide the hand under the Desk. Most importantly always keep in mind the idea that you can handle. How could it be otherwise?