Essay writing plan

What is the composition plan for?

Students of schools to pass the exam, which must be prepared in advance. Special training requires writing essays on selected topics. To do this, it will be useful to make a plan for presenting your own thoughts in order to realize your creative idea and not to miss important details.

Plan of writing on the history. Main steps

If you need to write an essay on history, the plan should look like this:

  • It is necessary to highlight at least two events related to the period to be considered.
  • Historical figures. Tell about two historical figures whose role and activities are associated with the event. Be sure to indicate the years of life, position held, important achievements.
  • The role and influence of events. Using the facts and opinions of historians, to assess the historical gap under consideration, to establish a causal connection between events.

It is recommended to use in the course of writing historical terms and concepts that characterize a specific period.

Concrete essay writing plan

Many consider writing a plan a waste of time, however, it is not! A well-written blueprint will allow you to relate your thoughts and logically state them.

Writing requires compliance with the plan:

  • introduction;
  • main part;
  • conclusion.

The introduction serves as a reason for the forthcoming reasoning, introduces the reader to the topic, formulates the question (problem) and its relevance. Here you need to say a few words about the writer and his work.

The main part fully reveals the essence of the problem, which of the authors was affected, how he described it and what he focused on. After determining the position of the author, you should designate your personal position. You can agree or disagree with the author’s opinion. If your and the author’s position coincide, then you should independently find the facts from the literature that will confirm your thought. The following are the arguments in the form of theses that require a reasoned response (evidence), using art material as a support. To do this, it is necessary to know the work well in order to apply it correctly in the text of your essay and to prevent the distortion of information about events or characters. You can use quotes from the work with comments to them. Comments are especially important because they help to understand the problem more deeply, to see the author’s interest in it.

The conclusion should be brief, summarizing and contain the answer to the main question of the essay. He can repeat the thoughts of the author in a generalized form. The ending should correspond to the introduction and the main part.

Before writing, making a specific essay plan for literature, you have every chance to pass the exam successfully.