Research methods in term paper

In the introduction to the course you need to specify many important points. One of them is the methodology. The student is required to specify which methods he will use when researching a topic. This is not an easy task, and often students cannot cope with this task themselves. In this case, you can contact us. Our experts will write to you the work of any complexity, and you will be able to discuss the price with them personally.

Terminological apparatus

The scientific method is a set of basic ways of obtaining new knowledge and methods for solving problems in any science. The method includes methods for studying phenomena, systematization, adjustment of new and previously acquired knowledge. This definition is given in the textbook “Philosophy of Science and Technology.”

She identifies 2 types of scientific methods:

  • Theoretical scientific method (reflection of internal relations, which are achieved by data processing methods);
  • The empirical scientific method (a specialized form of practice that is closely related to experiment).

What are theoretical methods?

When you write an introduction to a term paper, you need to figure out which methods you are going to use. Of course, after writing all the work, you can add these methods.

  • Theory (a system of logically related statements);
  • Hypothesis (unsaid statement, guess);
  • Law (this is a clear statement that describes the relationship between different concepts);
  • Idealization (creation of mental objects and their changes);
  • Formalization (reflection of the results of thinking);
  • Reflection (research of specific phenomena);
  • Induction and deduction (studying the subject by moving from the particular to the general and vice versa);
  • Abstraction (abstraction from some properties of the object with the purpose of in-depth study of one of its sides);
  • Classification (association of various objects into groups).
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What are empirical methods?

  • Experiment (a set of actions performed to test a hypothesis);
  • Scientific research (the process of learning associated with the acquisition of scientific knowledge);
  • Observation (the process of perception of objects of reality, the results of which are recorded in the description);
  • Measurement (determination of quantitative values ​​using special technical devices).

There are also methods used at both levels. This analysis, synthesis, analogy and modeling. Practically all students use these methods when writing their term paper, so you can also add them to the list of methods.