Evaluation criteria for the final essay

What are the criteria for evaluating the final essay?

The final essay is included in the final school exams. With further admission to universities, the results of the final essay play an important role for the applicant. On our site you will find a detailed description of the criteria for evaluating the essay, which will help to prevent mistakes while writing it.

Creative writing essay-reasoning

Writing-reasoning is a work that is creative. It will require you to be able to analyze, reason, direct arguments and, of course, convince. Your position and opinion should be clearly articulated in the subject concerned. Here there is an opportunity to fully express your creative potential and erudition, to express the depth of thoughts.

For schools, the criteria for evaluating the final essay represent a “pass” or “fail”. During the admission, universities, universities will evaluate your work, but in points (from 0 to 10).

Five criteria for evaluating the essay

The evaluation of essays is influenced by the presence of not only spelling and grammatical, but also punctuation, stylistic, logical, speech errors.

The fulfillment of the task requires the expanded position of the author, the expression of his point of view and his own opinion in the question raised. At the same time, it is necessary to use as an example fragments of a literary or journalistic work that is related to the issue raised. There are five criteria for evaluating an essay on literature:

  • Relevance to the topic. This criterion determines how the topic corresponds to the content of the essay. The student is required to express his opinion in the question raised, having built theses that need to be proved or disproved during the essay.
  • The argument. To argue his position, the student must be able to correctly use the literary material that will support the construction of the analysis. If the literary material is touched only superficially and does not form the basis for analysis, or was not involved at all in the essay, there is every chance of getting a “Fail”.
  • The logic of reasoning and composition. It is necessary to observe the structure of the essay, which consists of theses, arguments and conclusions. Here, the student’s ability to state his thought logically is assessed, without disturbing the integrity and consistency of the composition of the work.
  • The quality of speech. This criterion assesses the quality of student writing. Namely, the way he is able to competently and constructively express his thought, the ability to use various terms, rich vocabulary, applies the correct stylistic and speech design.
  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors made in the text are evaluated.
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