Example of research paper writing

A research paper is a student’s written report. Its essence lies in a thorough analysis of the scientific works of other authors. The student’s task is not to conduct his own scientific research, but to be able to correctly translate several different works into one. It is not so easy to express logically and consistently other people’s thoughts, so students are looking for a model of research paper. But in fact, you can carry out the work yourself if you know its structure and basic design requirements.

The structure and design of the work

The very concept of research paper is an oral report of a student, set out in writing. The student’s task is to read several books or scientific papers on a given topic and reproduce on paper only the most important and relevant points. The purpose of the essay is to identify the student’s ability to correctly perceive and analyze scientific literature.

As a task, the student receives the topic of the research paper. Now his task is to find several – four or five – sources. It is necessary to study this literature and make a statement. It is important that the sources are publications that are no more than 10 years old, or better, less, otherwise the information in them may be outdated.

The main stages of preparation of the research paper

First you need to highlight the main problem on its topic, it will be the subject of analysis. Then you need to review the selected literature and present it in accordance with your own logic.

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Research paper structure:

  1. Title page. Particular attention should be paid to its design, because this is the “face” of the work. If it is executed incorrectly, the work will not be accepted.
  2. The second sheet is the content.
  3. The first chapter is an introduction. It briefly, on one or two sheets, should outline the problems and tasks on the chosen topic, the purpose of the study and its relevance.
  4. The main part occupies the volume of 12-15 sheets of printed text. It analyzes scientific research. It is important to present information not in excerpts from the literature, but rather to reflect your vision of the problem.
  5. The conclusion is a short summary. It is also necessary to organically add your recommendations on the topic under study. The volume is approximately 1-3 sheets.
  6. Bibliography.

The structure that this research paper sample offers cannot be changed.

Text design

Today, students type all the written work on a computer, so it is better to clarify what font size to use at the department. Typically used 12 or 14 point. The font itself is Times New Roman, the distance between the lines is from 1.5 to 2. But each university may have different formatting requirements.

It is also important to consider that each new chapter begins with a new sheet, and after the subheadings you do not need to put punctuation marks. Headings and subheadings must be in bold or in italics. A new paragraph begins with a red line. All these rules are quite simple, but, unfortunately, not all students are able to master them the first time.

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The rules and requirements often change, so the sample of the research paper may not meet the necessary conditions. Not much time is usually allocated for the research paper — usually just one or two weeks. For a short period of time it is quite difficult to re-read and comprehend a large amount of literature. Even the most responsible students are not always “excellent” to cope with the task. Professional performers of our company come to their aid.