Help with a history essay?

Help with a history essay?
According to the Brookings Institute, the trust in government reached an all time high in 1958 and a all time low in 2006. Use three specific examples to explain this change over time.

I assume that the all time low is referring to Bush’s presidency, but I’m having trouble figuring out what the all time high would have been in 1958. Any guesses / suggestions on how to write this essay?

Clearly the essay must be cronological. But for the hight in 1958 look at the events of the previous 30 years. During the great depression Roosevelt lead the nation with confidence towards a better future. Rosevelt adressed the nation roughly every few months giving the people a straight-forward and honest review of the nation as well as how the administration was planing to make the nation stronger socially and economically. During the second world war newsreels portrayed american conduct with a bright attitude. Newspapers even went so far as to give troop movements for what was happening in europe and the pacific. Also I must note that the second world war unified the nation by a clearly defined us versus them, any homefront newsreel will give a good example. The newsreels fueled a patriotic spirit in america showing the might of American industry and army, the resolve of its people, and the righteous sacrifice the war was placing upon them.

When the 1950s came around the American economy was the most productive the world had ever seen. The war had effectively left the United States with the only strong factories. Germany, England, & Japan the pre-war giants were bombed to rubble and The Soviets were inefficient and too far behind to compete, this left the world dependant on American goods. With this boom Americans were happy. They had won the War (rationalized as having a superior government), they were the center of manufacture and commerce, and were moving to an even more egalitarian society after Brown v Board. So they were proud and believed the Government was good as they had brought them to this point.

Things in between then and now, The hippies questioning everything and causing a great divide in american society, Lies by the government about the Vietnam was, Nixon conspiring to control the government, Clinton and his misdoings, little progress and incompetent fellings toward the army in the Iraq Conflict. and the feeling of curruption in the American system.

Hope that will start you off well enough. I would write more, however my expertise is in the 1950s.