Research paper structure

When writing an essay, it is very important to structure it correctly. Otherwise, inconsistent and illogical storytelling can lower the rating for the work. Indeed, a research paper is a collection and generalization of ready-made material, therefore, in principle, a student is only required to competently structure it and analyze the information.

Most often, the research paper has a completely standard structure: introduction, main part and conclusion. Already in this scheme, various changes can be added. For example, an introduction can be broken down into logical parts, such as, for example, relevance, history, modernity, etc. Similarly, the appearance of other parts may change.

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Standard structuring

Despite the fact that the structure may be different, any research paper should have:

  • Title page. How to formalize it in a classic way, you can read in the article “How to properly draw up a research paper? “. And if your university has a manual on this issue, then it is better to contact her.
  • Table of contents. All sections and paragraphs into which you are going to divide your essay should be written in the table of contents with the page numbers on which they are located.
  • Introduction The introduction can be of any kind, but usually in this part the author reports on the relevance of the topic, identifies goals and sets goals.
  • Main part. Here the author has complete freedom. You can do 2-3 chapters, but you can at least all 10. And they, in turn, can still be divided into paragraphs. The main thing is that the number of chapters is justified by the amount of information.
  • Conclusion Here you need to draw conclusions, but how you decide. It is possible to approve several conclusions thesis or to express some general result with one thought, or you can even come up with your own way.
  • This is the only mandatory part of the essay, which should be drawn up in a certain way. How to do this, read the article “References for research paper”
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Little trick

The teacher is also a person. And if research papers are submitted in writing, imagine how much work he needs to check with the whole group. Usually happens how? He reads the first 3-4 works thoughtfully, thoroughly, and the subsequent ones begin to simply scroll through. So if the essay is clearly structured and all the paragraphs with titles that reflect their essence are written in the table of contents, the teacher will see that, like, you organized everything like that – that means that the work is of good quality. Closes – and puts the five.