Types of research papers

All students write a large number of written works, including essays. But only a few know the differences between the research paper and the report. In the latter case, we are talking about petty work in which the student copies information from various sources, mainly without analysis. In the research paper, processed information, relevant analysis and conclusions are important. This work is much more complicated and many students prefer to order it from us. After all, we provide the opportunity to communicate with the author directly, which makes it possible to get such a research paper as if you wrote it yourself. In addition, we give a twenty-day guarantee for your work, during which you may request amendments and changes.

To write a research paper yourself, get acquainted with the species into which they are divided based on the tasks:

1) Productive

  • Research paper report
  • Research paper Review

2) Reproductive

  • Research paper
  • Research paper-summary

A reproductive research paper reproduces information from a source, mainly this type is suitable for some technical areas where it is difficult to convey text in your own words. The productive type contains a creative understanding of the source.

A research paper review is written based on several sources. The main thing in this essay is to show various points of view on this issue. In the research paper report, in addition to the analysis of the source, there is also an objective assessment of the problem. The structure of the essay of this kind is different from others.

The research paper contains information in a generalized form. And also it has illustrative material, showing research methods, results and conclusions. And in the research paper-summary there are only the main provisions of the topic.

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Based on the topic that you have chosen for your essay, you can decide on its appearance. You just need to determine what should be and what can be omitted in connection with the topic under consideration.