How do you write a Character Analysis Essay?

How do you write a Character Analysis Essay?
I am supposed to write a character analysis essay for my A.P. Comp 2 class on the main character in the short story, The Yellow Wallpaper. The only problem is…I don’t know how to write one, so can someone tell how to format it or something? Please help….?

First thing you must to do is to pick ONE character from the story. Usually, you pick the protagonist (main character) but you can pick antagonist if you want – but you could almost never pick minor characters. (unless requested specifically)

Then, you’d analyze if this character remains the same through out the story or does he change. If he changes, explain where, when, and why. Is he a simple character or dynamic? Is he angry? Is he sad? Is he ? How does this character affect the story?

What you have to be careful is, if you say the character is such-and-such way, you must have a textual evidence. In antihero words, you’d have to quote from the story and explain why the text lead you to believe the character is a certain way. NEVER make a blank statement and have no support from the text. Your teacher should have explained this.

Your introduction should contain the author’s name, story’s name, the character you are going to discuss, and the basic nature of the character. Then, pick 3 main topic you’d want to discuss. Then expand on it in body part of the essay.

This is just another academic essay. You can pretty much follow the standard format.