How to defend a term paper

Term paper is one of the important methods of testing the practical knowledge of the student. The topic of the term paper is issued at the beginning of the second week of the semester and provides for its implementation during extra-curricular time, through systematic independent work. After writing it will need to submit, or protect. How to protect the term paper and, moreover, to the highest possible rating?

The composition and content of the term paper

In humanitarian and technical universities, the structure of term paper is somewhat different, but in general can be the following sections:

  1. The task for term paper signed by the head and performer, and approved by the head of the department.
  2. The purpose and objectives of the work.
  3. Consistent implementation of the term paper plan, which is presented in the task. For technical disciplines, these are calculations, calculations, computer simulation results. For the humanities – the development of techniques, data analysis, text processing.
  4. Conclusions on the work.
  5. List of used literature.

The explanatory note to the term paper of a technical plan usually has a volume of up to 25-30 pages of text in 1.5-2 spacing, made in Times New Roman 14pt. Mandatory title page, as well as drawings. In the term paper on the technical topic, there are necessarily drawings in the amount of 3-5 sheets of A1 or A0 format, made in AutoCAD graphic editors or Compass-Graph.

Preparation and Protection

Do the job – half the battle, it must still be protected. Protection is most often public. Besides the performer and the supervisor, there are also teachers who lead related courses, and students of the same specialty are often invited to defend themselves. Visiting students of such public defenses is very useful – it becomes immediately clear how to defend a term paper, avoid mistakes when explaining particular sections, and correctly answer questions from teachers.

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With the protection of the student uses visual-graphic information, which may be an integral part of the term paper, but can be prepared specifically to protect it. Posters, drawings, graphs, diagrams — with a reasonable number of them, they make it much easier for the performer of term paper. It is important that materials that are not obligatory, the student has the right not to be archived, but to use them further in the learning process.

We create conditions for good protection of term paper.

Some students, working while studying, do not have the opportunity to qualitatively prepare for the defense. In this case, there is a danger of failure of the terms of course design, and this is a guaranteed withdrawal from the scholarship. After all, the assessment for a term paper or a project is differentiated. How to protect the term paper for such students without any problems?

To do this, you can use the services of our specialists who are engaged in the preparation of materials for term papers and projects in various fields of knowledge. The choice of such a specialist should be made in advance, so that the author can thoroughly familiarize himself with the task, perform (if necessary) time-consuming calculations, schedule, prepare conclusions and conclusion.

In addition to the term paper itself, the specialist assumes responsibility in preparing the student for protection. For this, consultations are held, during which the student gets acquainted with the prepared sections of work. It is also important that all sections of the work performed are approved by the head of the course project / work and receive his admission to protection. If such conditions are met, the protection will certainly succeed.