Master’s thesis: requirements of 2019

The master’s thesis is the final work of the student. To be more precise, this is a scientific study, after which a student is awarded the title of master. A sufficiently long period is allocated for the preparation of such work. It is important not only to correctly and correctly write the text of the work itself, but also to take into account all the requirements for its design.

Norms and rules are constantly changing and supplemented. Therefore, it is important to find reliable and relevant information. So, how should the master’s thesis on the requirements of 2014 be drawn up?

Text requirements

The master’s thesis has a volume of 80 to 100 sheets of printed text on A4 sheets. This does not include the title page, content, bibliography and applications. If a student expects to obtain a degree, he must not only write a study, but also draw up the correct text. Text Requirements:

  • Font Times New Roman, size 14.
  • Line spacing 1.5.
  • Indentation: 1.5 cm on the right, 3 cm on the left, 2 cm on the top and bottom.

It is important to start each new chapter with a new sheet. A new paragraph begins with a red line. All sheets must be numbered; no number is put on the title page. The text should not contain any visual materials, except for formulas – all tables, graphs, diagrams are submitted to the application with reference to the text. There should be no spelling or punctuation errors in the text itself. All work must be done in a scientific style, without the use of colloquial expressions.

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Text structure

The first page is the title page. The requirements for its design are standard: the name of the institution, type of work, topic, discipline, data of the contractor and supervisor, city and year. Of course, there should be no errors on the title page.

The following is the content. It can be written only at the end of the whole work, because some chapters may change during the writing process. The introduction of written work should contain information on the relevance of the topic, object and purpose of scientific research.

The main text can be divided into three parts: analytical, theoretical and research. In the first part of the work, the student analyzes the sources and scientific works of other scientists. Its task is to identify which issues on this topic require further study. The theoretical part is the vision of the problem by the researcher himself, and the third part presents and describes the methods of study.

The final moments

At the end of the study, a conclusion suggests itself. Here, the student summarizes the study, describes what result he obtained during the study of the problem.

References should include at least 50 sources. When choosing literature, one should choose publications that are no more than 10 years old, and preferably less, otherwise the information in them may be unreliable and outdated. After completing all the work, it is necessary to compile an application, that is, visual material.

And this is not all, because it is necessary to prepare for defense for a long time and carefully, to draw up a report, write a review and much more.

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